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Guidance about cerebral palsy

Posted by: khalid khan

Dear Sir
I m 32 years young and physically challenged with cerebral palsy “CP”… Therefore I have a physically disability from one right hand and both legs.
I am not able to stand on earth.I can’t control my legs and right hand.my muscles is extremely stiff and
intenseness every moments.
I can do work just my left arm .
I have noticed since a few days.
My left hand lessing catching power.
Specially when i laying to sleep. My back side of head is humbnessed and i am feeling giddy everything.
I am feeling sleepy everything. But I can’t still sleep.
I can’t speak frreely.my tongue is stutering now.
Please inform me.what does showing that symptoms ?
why worsening symptoms ?
I humbly request to you kindly help and guide me.what should i do and tell me what test should do?
I will be waiting guidance from you…
khalid khan
From Pakistan
Email address: [email protected]

Your case needs to be evaluated by a good homeopath. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here: http://facekom.info/homeopathy-organizations/
A. Schmukler

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