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What will be my constitutional remedy?

Posted by: Bikram

Name: Bikram Das
Age: 25+
Sex: Male
Single/Married: Single
Weight: 65 kg
Height: 5.9 ft
List of complaints:
Case: 1
Skin related issues
(Barber’s itch is almost cured after taking Staphysagria 200C 0/1.)
A. I am suffering from Barber’s itch for eight years. My skin conditions are very dry, itchy, and rough with scaling of dry skin, scratching causes bleeding and a white discharge on eruption.
B. While scratching on a single eruption on hands or on body, it becomes thick and warts like.
C. Lastly, this year, in winter, in January, I was suffering from Ring worm like fungal eruption on whole body.
D. My nails are splitting out due to dryness.
Case: 2
Erectile Dysfunction
Physical and mental Symptoms regarding this issue.
A. Inability to obtain a penile erection (incomplete) even after proper stimulation. Condition is not absolute. There is an inability to maintain them long enough. Penis is relaxed, premature ejaculation; Semen escapes too soon (5 or 7 strokes only), nervous debility to control excitement, tremors etc.
B. Sexual desire/ willingness are enough. Always thinks about sex (imaginative patient). I am feeling sexual desire. But I cannot do it well, because of weakness of genital, incomplete erection, nervous debility to control excitement.
C. Chronic issue: Chronic spermatorrhea i.e. loss of seminal fluid at stool.
D. A cold sensation felt in the genitals.
E. Hair loss (recently).
F. Forgetful.
G. Feeling drowsy at day and remains out of sleep at night.
H. idle.
Possible causes
1) I was suffering from pain in testes before I face problem of ED. Still now sometimes I feel pain. I always keep a little gap between two legs. Don’t let then to be close due to pain.
It may be due to wound or pinching, as I ride a cycle having very hard seating and no shock guard. It may be due to other issues also.
2) Excessive masturbation.
3) Chronic Spermatorrhea.
4) Injury in a bike accident.
5) Mental issues: fear, anxious, always think about my problem, I was very much depressed in the view of skin problem but now I am feeling a little bit happy as my skin is improving, being cure.
6) I am feeling that,
My mental symptoms deteriorates my physical issues and vice-versa.
Other issues:
Physical a) I get cold frequently. Hectic cough remains over the years. I feel that my body is overheated. When I pour cold water I feel like shock. Don’t like to take bath in cold water. Cold water makes my skin more dry and itchy. But warm water makes my skin healthy.
b) I am suffering from Dandruff also. I am recently suffering from hair loss.
c) Desire sweets/sour/salt: Salt and sweet.
d) I like open air.
e) I have red eyes with burning eye lid problem.
f) Diabetic or non-Diabetic: Non-Diabetic
g) Thirst: lack of thirst.
h) Desires, likes and dislikes for food: I like mutton, chicken, egg, samosa, kachuri, biriyani etc. I dislike smell of prawns. I don’t eat prawns.
i) Stool: Dysenteric.
j) Current BP (without medicine and with medicine): Almost Normal.
k) Tongue and Taste: you can examine if required.
Mental l) Mind-behavior: The greater the suffering the greater the anguish, restlessness and despair of success. Mentally restless, but physically weak.
m) Anger: I become tempered easily.
n) Irritability: very much irritation with itching.
o) Hurry: Depending on subject matter.
p) Impatient: yes, with restlessness.
q) I feel nervous while I give speech.
Previous Medicines:
Medicines Result
Thuja (up to 0/30) for 2 years. Did not relief my symptoms. Aggravated Symptoms.
sulphur 1m (5 doses only) firstly I got relief. Then Aggravated. Then Skin becomes very dry and hard.
Sulph Iod 200 (5 doses)
Arsenic album 200c (0/1) It worked for me but aggravated. But it has not cured still now. It has reduced problem of overheating of body and dryness of skin.
Changing Symptoms after taking Staphysagria 200C (0/1):
It worked well for me. I have got relief from Barber’s itch. Skin problem still….
Ed problem: little bit better.
What will be my constitutional remedy?

Dear Bikram,

If you present this information to a homeopath, he/she can manage your case. It isn’t just a matter of taking the constitutional. More complicated than that. Find a homeopath you can visit.

Alan Schmukler



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