Homeopathy for Depression

– Great anxiety; was obliged to lie down, in the afternoon.

– Anxiety and restlessness throughout the whole body.

– He was constantly complaining about his illness.

– He looks very ill-humored and morose, so that everyone asks him what the matter is, although he is not sick.

– Very ill-humored, weak, and sleepy, in the morning on rising.

– Discontented with himself, reproachful.

– Very irritable depressed mood, with physical prostration.

– Obstinate about everything.

– Easily vexed and easily gets into a passion.

– * Quiet indifferent, and much boring in the nose.

– Indifferent, restless.

– Hastiness in speech; he cannot do anything rapidly enough.

– When reading, a thousand different thoughts come to mind; he can understand nothing; what he reads is obscure, and everything is immediately forgotten, with difficult recollection of what he has known a long time.

– He cannot get rid of an idea, and the thoughts connected with it do not come to him.

– * He cannot find the right word when talking.

– * Loss of ideas and weakness of mind; on thinking he becomes dizzy.

– * He cannot collect his thoughts in proper order.

– Indolent, dull, unbalanced mind, without fancy; disinclination for even agreeable mental work.

– * He speaks unwillingly; talking is irksome.

– * He speaks little, and answers questions unwillingly.

– * Disinclination to talk.

– His intellect was affected.

– * Disinclined to work.

– Constant fretfulness, with disinclination to talk.

– * Almost complete loss of memory of the occurrences of the day.

– Quiet fretfulness.

– He cannot be alone without losing his thoughts and becoming unconscious, in the morning



*Depression of Anxiety from  Ill effects of anger and insults


– Impetuous, violent outbursts of passion, hypochondriacal, sad.

– Very sensitive as to what others say about her.

– Dwells on sexual matters; prefers solitude.

– Very lachrymose.

– Sadness, without ability to assign any reason.

– Sad; he fears the worst results from slight causes, and cannot quiet himself.

– Mind phlegmatic, depressed, sad, apathetic, indifferent to everything, without peevishness or without

– being weak.

– Her mind seemed dead and sad, though not with weeping.

– Morose; she frequently cries at nothing.

– She was full of grief all day; she grieved over her condition and wept; nothing in the world pleased her.

– She will hear or know nothing from any one; she wraps up her face and weeps aloud without cause.

– Anxious and fearful.

– Great anxiety; he dreads the future.

– Violent internal anxiety, so that he could not remain in any place, but without complaints.

– Anxious thoughts and events in the past came to him as if the past were present before him, which caused anxiety and anxious perspiration, then it became black before his eyes; he did not know whether the images were real or illusory, then everything seemed different, and he lost all desire to live.

– (When walking rapidly, it seems as though some one were coming behind him, which causes anxiety and fear, and he is constantly obliged to look around).

– * Very peevish (in the morning);he wishes to throw from him everything which he takes in his hand.

– Fretful and sad.

– Fretful and peevish all day; does not know himself on account of despondency, and is extremely depressed.

– Fretful and restless all day, found red nowhere.

– Quiet fretfulness; he is vexed at everything which even does not concern him.

– * Fretful and disinclined for mental work.

– Fretful and lachrymose.

– Every word vexes her; she cries even if one only speaks to her.

– Quarrelsome mood and yet lively.

– (Hypochondriac mood; everything seems indifferent to him; he would rather die).

– Alternations of mood, at first joyous, then anxious, at last quiet and contented




Ailments due to badly treated or suppressed GONORRHOEA; abuse of tea; coffee; tobacco; fats, onions, sweets; sulphur; mercury; to syphilis; VACCINATION.

– Emotional sensitiveness; music causes weeping and trembling.

– Weeping mood.

– Violent spasmodic weeping in the evening, changing to febrile coldness, which lasted all night.

– Spasmodic weeping, with hiccough and twitching of the hands and feet.

– Constant weeping mood, with anxious oppression.

– While talking, she is unable to go on in spite of every effort; she begins to weep bitterly, and says she can no longer think or live.

– Weeping and trembling of the feet during music.

– Sad mood and discouragement.

– She has constantly very sad thoughts about the merest trifles, in which she stares in front of her and picks at her nail.

– Very gloomy mood, in the afternoon.

– Gloomy, melancholy state of mind; came on in the afternoon, which was still apparent on waking next morning.

– Very gloomy frame of mind, before going to sleep.

– * Exceedingly out of tune; sad, and disposed to weep.

– Mood very unhappy, despairing.

– Melancholy in the forenoon, more cheerful in the afternoon; this alternation has manifested itself for some days past.

– * Extreme melancholy.

– Depressed in body and mind.

– * Very low-spirited.

– * Very depressed, sad, irritable mood.


The above mentioned homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedies should not be taken without consulting a qualified homeopath in person.



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  • I am experiencing severe depression. I have been under a doctor’s care for about 15 months with no relief. I do not want to be depressed. I’m stuck in a pit and can’t get out.
    I’m thinking of trying these remedies. The options presented to me in traditional medicine are severe and damaging.
    Can any harm come from trying one of these remedies? If it doesn’t work, I’ll try the other as that is all I know to do at this time.

    • Hi Melinda, I’m looking into this too. I wonder if we might swop notes and encouragement to get free of this debilitating state of being.

  • Thank you for repeating this article.
    Can one start with a low potency of these medicines if cause is known or does one have to clear the top layers first before these will help. Thx.

  • I recommend, Argentum Nitricum, Aurum Met,Ignatia (for accute),Kali Phos,Lycopodium & want to add Natrum group, particularly Natrum Mure ranks high.

  • Author’s compilation of remedies shows only the knowledge taken from books, It’s not skilful experience of remedies. Very poor information. There is no miasmatic classifications. Most of the medicines are palliative. Ignoring Natrum group, particularly Natrum Mure in depression is not appreciable. It seems my previous comment was ignored, I wish unprejudiced team of Facekom.

    • Sir, these are proving symptoms and not meant to be a concise and easy take on understanding the remedies. However, I’ll be happy to add those descriptions to this article, if you can contribute the same, of course with due acknowledgement to you as a contributor.

  • Thanks for publishing my comments.
    Since long time, more than 10 years I have subscribed your journal.
    No doubt, you are are doing nice work for Homoeopathy. Appreciate your Editorial team.

  • I am a 62 yr.old female. I have been treated for depression most of my adult life. I have been diagnosed with medication resistant depression. Two years ago my doctor gave me over 20 ext treatments, without relief. When I refused more shock therapy my Dr. Dropped me as a patient. Currently I go a community mental health clinic. My depression is worse than ever. I am very interested in homeopathy medication to find some kind of relief. Is their any physicians in central Ohio who practices mental health homeopathy? I am desperate for relief.

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