‘I am locked in a cage with a mad animal’¦’

[Even wearing jewelry gives her the feeling of restriction and being locked up. Women wearing the jewelry, reminds her of a wicked cat.]

D:        Tell me about cats.

P: I don’t like cats. I hate them. Sorry I remembered it now because I feel they are very scheming and they are not loyal. I associate such women with cats, never bitches because bitches are more honest. It’s a catty nature and I hate it.

D:        Anything else?

P: No. I like to dress up very well but it should not be imposed on me and regimented just because this ceremony is there and I have to wear this. You leave me alone…there will be hundreds of women but I will be dressed very differently and classily and I am sure that I will be noticed more than anyone but for doing that it has to come from within.

Understanding of the case:

She comes with a complaint of profuse bleeding. The effect of the problem is that it does not mobilize her and cripples her. Further she spontaneously talks about her need to be alert and always in charge of the situation. She does not like being controlled, overpowered or bogged down by others. The sensation behind this is of somebody just strangulating her, which she describes with the hand gesture. Further she gives an image of being locked in a room and the reaction is to run away in open space yet being in control of herself. There is a feeling of being dominated when she is asked to wear particular outfits. Her description about FIL and MIL suggests her sensitivities towards animal issues like being calculative, cunning and dominating. FIL is very animalistic and not having any traits of human being. She is a person who wants freedom and is sensitive to hypocrisies, traditions, lies, manipulation, cheating. She always wants to protect her son from the FIL.

She also talks a lot about loyalty to family, bonding with family while narrating about the incident of separation from grandparents. This suggests about the sub kingdom mammals.

Further she expresses her need to have space. The sensation with all this is of strangulation and oppression. Further she talks about being loyal in relationships by giving an example of dog. She expresses her liking for wild animals esp. lioness. She constantly interchanges herself with the description of lioness. She easily relates herself to the qualities of a lioness like having a bond with the family, with her cubs, being protective about her cubs, being too alert, bold, loyal, etc. She uses the very same words for herself that she has used to describe about lioness. This is suggestive of the family Felidae as she identifies herself with lioness at every stage of the description.  At the end she even spontaneously talks about her chief complaint where she again gives the same image of being locked in a cage. Also she describes her sensitivity to wear jewelry where she feels a kind of restriction, no freedom and feeling of being locked in a cage. Again spontaneously relating this to the wild animals and the freedom that they experience. Women wearing the jewelry, reminds her of a wicked cat. She further describes about her hatred for cats and its nature.




Bogged down






Locked in cage

In jail, prison

Locked in cage with mad animal

Locked in a room





Of strangulation and oppression




Run in open space, in open fields

Breathe fresh air

She wants to run in open space but yet with being in control of herself.

She wants to be in control all the time.

Miasm: Cancer

Animal words in the case:





Mammal words in the case:


Oneness with family





Caring of family




•Fear of being attacked (Sudden), especially by choked, Attack on neck, throat and mouth.

•Fear of suffocation

•Fear of being pursued or chased.


•Authority, supremacy, strength, power


•On the alert



•Ready to act

•On their toes



•Attack back

•Run away, get out, break away

•Fright and flight reaction

•Pounce back

•Desire to hide

•Running in the open field/open space



Lac-leolinum 1M/one dose


Two weeks later

She developed terrible congestion in breast with a feeling that she would get her periods at any moment. Such congestion she had never experienced in her life.

D:        Any dreams you got after the medicine?

P: When I took the powder, I got one pleasant dream of outdoors and open spaces.

D:        What was the feeling associated with it?

P: Happiness. I am traveling again in open spaces. Very pleasant. Open spaces, freedom, fresh air…something related to out doors.

D:        Freedom means?

P: I feel great while traveling when I am out in the open. I don’t like to be cramped up in 4 walls hence very pleasant.

D:        How are your complains?

P: Have not noticed any changes yet.

Plan: Sac Lac

Ten weeks from the start

D:        How are you?

P: This time I didn’t have any congestion. Previously it used to be terrible. Now I am nearing my period I feel very energetic. Otherwise before my periods I used to feel terrible pain and now I feel only the uneasiness that it is going to come but there is no congestion and no other problem.

[Her father was hospitalized as he had a stroke. But she could cope up very well with this stress.]

D:        What other change?

P: Overall I am able to do much more than I was before. Previously 10 days before the periods I used to feel completely worn out.

Dream of meeting her dead maternal and paternal grand mothers and father.  Was keen to introduce her son to them. Feeling of happiness of meeting dead grand parents.

D:        How is the feeling of being active or too alert?

P:        Now I find it very enjoyable. I feel energetic without being drained and being alert. It’s a healthy awareness or active feeling. First I used to be tired 10 days before my periods and hence I used to be alert all the time but now the alertness is more like awareness. I am aware of the things and I don’t feel tired 10 days before periods. I am able to take a lot of things. Fortunately I have not felt depressed ever.

Plan: Sac Lac

Twelve weeks from the start

D:        So tell me what is the progress?

P: Much better. For the first time I felt this kind of relief. Ever since I started menstruating I have never felt so much better. I had leg ache but flow was very regular. I mean it was completely under control and I could do my routine work. That’s the fantastic change and I am really grateful to you. I used to bleed very badly. But this time it is so excellent. I have never felt this change in my life.

D:        Overall how are you? Now its 3 months, is it? What you feel about you?

P: Last month had made lot of change. I am able to work a lot and I can do much more.

Plan: Sac Lac

6 months & 3 weeks from the start

D:        So overall since we started the treatment till today, what you are finding… how are you feeling?

P: The great relief is… I don’t have my excessive periods. I am again going to Italy. It is going to be very hectic. I have to be active all the while. That fear I used to get that it (menses) will come and everything will spoil…that is not happening. I feel may be now my periods will not come and I will get over with it.

(Her need to be alert and in charge of herself has lessened to a great extent. Now she is neither trying to be alert nor in charge of any situation.

Earlier she used to feel that she only should get the assignment, nobody should come in her way. In order to get so she will make her presentation the best. But now she is relax and quite comfortable even if she does not get it.

Her feeling of being in a closed room and somebody is strangulating is much better, now doesn’t feel strangled, trapped in any situation.

Energy wise she feels much better and is able to accomplish much more than before.

Sonography shows that the all three Fibroids have gone completely)

Plan: Sac Lac

After a year and 4 months

Till now her need of alert and active has gone completely. Need energy level is good. Not experienced the sensation of strangulation.

D:        Any dream which you saw?

P: It was as if somebody is showing me a window. Window to some other world, you know something much better, something less chaotic where there is more peace and happiness. It was a beautiful window. Form that, that person was showing me was like an angel kind of… you know, normally I don’t get such dreams.

D:        What does it signify? What that window signifies?

P: It was a better world, a better life. You come out of all these and see beyond, your usual problems may be… you can change your life for better.

D:        How does it feel like to see that dream?

P: It was wonderful as if I realized that from the same old problems… I keep complaining that he is like that, he does like that… rather than that, just rise above that….You know like when a plane takes off… after some time, when it comes to stratosphere, there is nothing except…even above the clouds at that time, it is very clear. Clouds are not there and you can’t see anything down… so, that is how I felt.

D:        What?

P:        As if somebody is telling me, somebody is trying to give me that knowledge. You have to bring your self above these. You know day to day problems, complaints and see beyond. I feel you know, instead of getting completely bogged down by these problems… think above that.

[The depth of awareness is beautifully reflected through this dream. You rise above your usual problems and see beyond that. You can change you life for better. Awareness is coming up first at the subconscious area (dream) – from within outwards.]

Plan: Sac Lac

(After a year on the medicine, she developed ringworm infection on skin, which went away without any treatment.) Now it is almost four years and patient is completely fine.

Author’s note:

Our aim after the simillimum, is to bring the suffering individual to such a level that his being can take care of his own self – A level where he becomes aware of his innermost core and reacts appropriately to all situations without any aid of the remedy.

With awareness, a person experiences complete freedom from his delusions, sensations and his altered vibrational patterns. He is in touch with himself; he lives in each moment. When faced with a problem, he deals with it and solves it. He responds to the situations rather that reacting.

Awareness consciously leads one to channelize one’s energies on the right path. It imparts meaning and direction, helping one to envision the higher purpose of existence.

‘Disease is an altered vibrational pattern and awareness of the same is cure’. Cure in the real sense is nothing but the awareness of one’s whole being.

This journey is long and definitely demands a lot of patience and time. With every step, awareness grows and one gets an insight into his being, thus enriching his experiences in life.

Case ends.


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