A Proving of Marienglas/Selenite CaSO4•2H2O

Sneezing 5 times in a row (very rare). (day 5)

I’ve hardly sneezed at all since taking the remedy. (I usually sneeze a lot in the morning). Today is more normal. (day 8)

Sneezing. Discharge clear, white. (day 8)

My nose has felt sensitive today, sort of as if I’m going to sneeze when I’m not. Also a lot of catarrh. (day 9)

Lots of catarrh – all left sided. In morning. (day 16)

Prover 23

Lots of discharge from nose = clear. Sneezing – voice hoarse

Have had a broken night’s sleep as I’ve had a blocked nose and had to keep blowing it.(all marked as acute)

Nose very runny, thick yellow, blowing nose all day.

Nose still runny, thick yellow, sore red itchy nostrils.

Thick yellow nose – not running – only comes when blow. Have to clear nose all day. Copious – doesn’t seem to have an end.


Prover 21

Eruption, dry, scaly at the margin of hair on forehead, spread during the proving to the rest of the forehead, especially to the right temple, left upper forehead and in a central line coming down middle of forehead to the nose. (day 5)

This spread from side of nose to corners of mouth. (day 7)

Spots < . Now on chin too (had them as teenager). (day 11

Prover 5

My face is burning. It feels very hot, internally and externally. It looks perhaps faintly red in the mirror. It feels hotter than it looks. (day 4)

Friend said my face looked thin. (day 13)

Spot on chin, slightly right of centre. Sore (unusual). (day 41)

Prover 13  

Sweaty on face and neck. (day 3)

Prover 19

Fairly flushed in face, hot cheeks, cheeks hot to touch, face looked red. (day 1)

Tiny patches of dry skin on forehead – picked at it and it scabbed over. (day 7)

Cured symptom: Clicking and sticking jaw.

Prover 23

Jaw bone and left side of face hot and prickly.

Itchy cheeks.

Itchy around mouth.

Cheeks tingling inside and out.

Noticed itching yesterday – also hard small white spots on cheeks – one left, one right.


Prover 10

Ulcer on base of tongue – right side. (day 10

Prover 13

I had a tingling sensation in front of the mouth. (immediately after remedy)

Strong metallic taste in front of mouth. (after 1 hour)

Pain in left lower molar teeth – cannot chew on left side. (like 2 years ago) Dentist NAD. (day 16

Prover 16

Toothache back left side. Cutting pains < after dinner. Continuous. Not affected by chewing. (day 15)

In afternoon toothache back, not continuous. (day 16

Prover 3

Coldness of both lips, feeling like eating a peppermint. (NS) (immediately after taking remedy)

Heaviness (slight) in lower jaw. (NS) (immediately after taking remedy)

Tingling more pronounced, heaviness in jaw is coming back. A feeling like I get before feeling sick and wanting to vomit. (immediately after taking remedy)

Prover 5

My sandwiches taste disgusting. (day 1)

Funny taste in mouth for several hours. Sort of cheesy taste. (day 1)

Cheesy taste all evening again. (day 2)

Things taste really intense again. Yoghurt very creamy. (day 2)

Horrible taste in mouth. (day 30)


Prover 23

Lots of things going on in my mouth. Felt a tingling which started at tip of my tongue and then spiralled through mouth. Felt numb, cotton woolly like I’d felt before when I had cocaine.


Prover 10

Anxiety in pit of stomach. Feels flustered. Churning feeling. (within 1 hour of taking remedy)

Feel nausea. (Sac Lac tastes really sweet after third dose). (day 3)

Sensation of cold moved from throat to diaphragm. (day 3)

Stomach feels unsettled. Churning. Nausea. Feels cold – want to rub stomach to sleep. (day 6)

Feel hungry and can eat but feel sick. Anxiety in stomach. (day 7)

Prover 19

No thirst – very unusual. (NS) (immediately after taking remedy)

No thirst again. (day 1)

Not hungry at all – very unusual. Still no appetite, easily satisfied. Desiring sweets and chocolate. Ate something for the sake of eating, not out of hunger, and felt sick afterwards. (day 2)

Still small appetite and easily satisfied. Much less thirst for water than usual. (day 4)

Ate two slices of chocolate cake – horrible cheap stuff which I wouldn’t usually touch with a barge pole. Felt nauseous afterwards. (day 5)

Still wanting tea. Still feeling sick after eating. I can’t eat as much as I used to. (day 6)

No thirst with diarrhoea. (day 8)

No thirst despite very hot weather. (day 14)

Prover 8

Slight feeling of nausea. (day 1)

Nauseated (++). Wanted to vomit but couldn’t. Stomach churning – audibly noisy-gurgling. (day 1)

Feeling of nausea caused by build up of flatus in stomach. Unable to bring up wind. > after evening meal. (day 2)

Pressure in stomach with griping ache. Sai bad beer fermenting in stomach. Unable to bring up wind. (day 3)

Stomach tightness persists despite bringing up wind, i.e. burping. (day 3)

Feeling of tightness from level of stomach to epiglottis. (day 3)

Still have sensation of tightness. (day 3)

Tightness worse and < movement. (day 4)

Tightness increased all morning. Improved after meal. Now able to pass wind. (day 5)

Sensation of gastric fullness persists. (day 6)

Stomach tightness > after cycling. (day 7)

Tightness returns, concomitant diarrhoea. (day 8)

Tightness and trapped wind/ extends to chest. (day 21)

Feeling of fullness/discomfort returned. Trapped wind – unable to release. (days 31 and 32)

Tightness, trapped wind. (day 52)

Prover 13

I have not been wanting to eat. I have lost my appetite. (day 3)

Anxiety felt in solar plexus. Churning feeling in stomach. (day 4)

Thirstier during the day. (day 7)

Thirsty all day. (day 14)

Prover 3

Rumbling in stomach. Feeling of emptiness accompanied by feeling of dread. (NS) (immediately after taking remedy)

Had a light meal but even my food feels heavy in my stomach. (NS) (after 2 hours)

Very bloated after curry. Full of indigestion and blown up and uncomfortable. (day 3)

Eating healthily. Have made vegetable soups, fat-free stir fries, loads of fruit because I’m on a diet, which I began when proving started. Today ate ginger and chocolate cake made by my daughter. Craving something sweet for comfort. (day 4)

Ate a healthy meal of baked potatoes, green beans, gutted mini tomatoes and an apple and slice of ginger and chocolate pudding. I felt better for eating. (day 5)

Appetite is good. Had baked potato with vegetable ratatouille and cabbage and felt this was satisfying as I’m still on my diet. (day 8)

Have managed to keep to my diet of fruit and veg and pasta, only ate two plain biscuits, resisted choc bar. (day 9)

Prover 12

Nausea after having eaten cake. (day 9)

Prover 5

I feel a bit sick, but I know I’m hungry. My sandwiches taste disgusting. (day 1)

Walking home I felt sick. (day 1)

Walking into house I felt sick << smell of soda bread. (day 1)

Nausea has completely gone. (day 1)

Hungry but don’t feel like eating anything. (day 1)

I’m hungry but I really don’t fancy my dinner. I want to eat but don’t know what. (day 1)

I’m definitely more thirsty than usual. I’ve gone off sweet things. I like fruit more than other food.

The smell of tarmac is making me feel a bit sick. (day 1)

I’m definitely eating less. (day 2)

I feel really sick. I don’t feel at all hungry, though I must be. I want oranges to eat. Juicy food esp. Fruit. Still very thirsty. (day 2)

Even tea doesn’t taste right. (day 2)

When I start to eat it isn’t as bad as I thought – I felt more hungry once I started. (day 3)

Sick and dizzy. Nausea > eating. (day 3)

I felt really sick at 2.20 am. I had to lie on my back. It felt < lying on my front. [repeated on day 18]. (day 5)

I started to feel nauseous about 2.30 pm – no reason I could think of. It lasted on and off for 2-3 hours. I thought it was interesting that it was 12 hours since I felt sick in the night. (day 5)

I started feeling sick around 3.30 pm, but less so than yesterday. (day 6)

I’m not as noticeably hungry as usual. (day 12)

Not at all hungry. > Eating. Had to force myself to eat. (day 18)

Still off sweet things, bread, potatoes (struggle to eat them). (day 28)

Still not very hungry. Appetite still not quite right. (days 38-39)

Prover 21

More desire for chocolate. Better tolerance to cold drinks than before (I never drink cold drinks normally). (during the proving)

Prover 15

Empty sensation in stomach. (day 1)

Weak feeling in stomach. Empty feeling. Slightly nauseous. (day 1)

Sinking feeling in stomach. (day 1)

Prover 23

Felt thirsty drank 1.5l of water in one go – didn’t realise I was that thirsty.

Was sitting down – didn’t feel like I wanted to move – only felt like I needed to vomit.

Not much appetite or thirst.

Feeling of fullness on eating.

Ate 3 rice cakes and Tartex for breakfast. Felt really full up.

Eating loads – junk – crisps – no thirst.

Thirst minimal.


Prover 15

Abdomen – left side. Pulling. (day 2)

Twinges – left lower abdomen. (day 2)

Discomfort in left lower abdomen. (day 2)

Prover 5

Pain – left of lower ribcage in centre. When I press it, I can feel my heart really strongly. It lasted for about 20 minutes. Reminded me of a baby inside, kicking. (day 1)

Pain at bottom of ribcage in centre. Felt digestive. Not there for long. > Having a drink. (day 2)

Walking to work I had a stitch down the right side of my body. (day 3)

When I woke up I had a pain in a line across my abdomen. It was constant but there were also spasm of worse pain. It was sharp, piercing. It went into the depth of my right hip. It felt like two lines of pain, one straight across to my hip and the other very low down. (day 5)

Prover 3

Bloated after curry, feeling full, indigestion. Abdomen blown up and uncomfortable. (day 3)

Prover 13

Suddenly developed a stabbing pain in left side of abdomen – in pelvis area. (day 1)

Pelvic pain became worse and started also to experience it in right side. (day 1)

Pelvic pain continues but to a lesser degree. (day 2)

Griping abdominal pains/cramps came on suddenly and lasted about ten minutes – relieved by diarrhoea. (day 3)

Couple of twinges in lower abdomen. (Two or three times). (day 4)

Prover 19

‘Stitch’ in lower left abdomen, as if I’d been running. (immediately after taking remedy)

Stitch again in left side for 10 minutes. (day 1)

Just before bed and in bed – very painful cramps like trapped wind -umbilical region. Felt comforted being in bed and warm. Had to curl up because of pain. > Rubbing gently, would have felt < hard pressure. Had eaten a bit before, felt very full and a bit sick. (day 4)

Cramps, as above, lying in bed in afternoon. (day 5)

Cramps again, as above, while still in bed in morning, half hour after waking. (day 6)

Cramping pains just before bowel movement, with trapped wind > passing wind. On three occasions in a day. (day 7)

Three times again – cramping pains – umbilical area – before diarrhoea. Pain gradually > after bowel movement, then sudden cramps again. Loose stools, small like toxic waste – a chemical smell. (day 8)

Very offensive wind all day. Toxic waste smell. (No diarrhoea now). (day 9)

Still cramping before bowel movements. (day 10)

Sudden and severe bloating as if 6 months pregnant. << walking, very uncomfortable. (day 11)

Bloated still. (day 13)

Constipated. Feel pressure in abdomen, don’t like tight clothes. (day 16)

Still bloating, straight after eating. (day 17)

Prover 23

In a lot of pain. Very uncomfortable. Initially felt like a build up of wind in lower abdomen

Female Genitalia

Prover 23

Feels like top of uterus is badly bruised, uncomfortable, like head has come down before giving birth. Pain down uterus to vulva extending back to anus at times but mostly concentrated it feels, at top of uterus.

Itching anus. Have to scratch – no relief. Extending at times around to vulva and left side of vagina. Very irritated and itchy – about 1 hour.

Bruised feeling in vulva sensation of fullness, bruising, feels swollen.

Feel like I want to push something out of my vagina.

Bad period pain. Rocking on toilet.

Feel too weak, in pain, nauseous.

Pain walking, bearing down pains.

Prover 3

Increased libido. (day 15)

Male Genitalia

Prover 15

Pain in left testicle. Discomfort as if trousers were too tight. (RS) (day 1)

Slight pressure pain in left testicle. (RS) (day 1)

Increased libido. Very horny. Masturbation. (day 3)

Pain left testicle. (day 10)


Prover 8

Lower backache all day, radiating to right side from central spine. No modalities. (day 8)

Prover 13

Slight stiffness developed on left side of back of neck. (day 1)

I have a sensation on the left side of my neck which is > for pressing on it. It’s a dull irritation. (day 2)

Prover 16

After tea there was pain in the lower back, only a small spot on the right of the spine (when washing up), lower lumbar – came and went three times in next 20 minutes. (day 1)

Prover 12

Lower back heavy and tired (pre-menstrual). (day 5)

Prover 3

Tension in both shoulders. (immediately after taking remedy)

Some shoulder pain. Mild ache in mid-back lumbar region. Also, mild ache in sacro-iliac buttock area. (day 1)

Feeling some pain in right side of neck and back radiating along the right shoulder. A heavy aching pain. (day 1)

Shoulders much better. (day 1)

All heaviness in back and shoulders gone. (day 1)

Mild back pain in loin area both sides. Varies according to position. Mild ache only. (day 6)

Back was aching around waist, also in back of neck and right shoulder (after late night shopping). (day 6)

Back and shoulders better. (day 6)

Prover 5

Pain in lower back, dull ache. Extending down to both thighs. Like period pains. (day 4)

Awful period pains, esp. Lower back, also lower abdomen and hips. Severe dull ache. (day 18)

Prover 15

Discomfort in lower back. Feels weak. More on the left side. (day 1)

Sensation of cold on back (both sides). (day 1)

Slight pain – left side. Back. Kidney area. (day 1)

Tension in left shoulder. (day 1)

Still tense left shoulder. A bit stiff. Slight pain on turning head to left side. Same sensation as if I want something sharp in there to release tension. (day 2)

Cold sensation on back while sitting in bed. Stiffness in cervical area. (RS/OS) (day 2)

Weak lower back. (day 2)

Weak lower back. (day 2)

Stiff shoulder, neck area. (day 2)

Tension in head and shoulder stronger. (day 2)

Discomfort right shoulder. But still both shoulders. Very tense in neck/back area. (day 6)

Lower back pain. (day 8)

Prover 23

Lower back pain.

I have noticed that my neck has not been hurting for a few days now.

Rectum (inc. Diarrhoea and Constipation)

Prover 10

Instant urge to go to loo. Stool explosive – partly solid, partly watery, yellow-brown. (day 5)

Urge to stool with burning sensation at end of rectum – on passing stool – doesn’t burn. (day 9)

Burning sensation when passing stool. (day 12)

Prover 14

I’m crapping a lot. Three times today. They were good ones, real dumps. (day 1)

Bowels looser than normal. (day 15)

Prover 8

Urgency of stool, but constipated and unable to pass anything. (day 1)

Urge to pass stool (urgency) – passed four motions the day; stool in small pieces that floated in the bowl. Colour light brown. (day 1)

Passed stool with difficulty (after period of constipation). Stool like small hard dark brown stones. (day 3)

Diarrhoea after chocolate – semi-solid, pale brown. (day 9)

Prover 13

Itchiness around the anal area. (NS) (day 1)

Had some looseness of stools. (RS) (day 1)

Diarrhoea. (day 2)

Sudden urge to go to the toilet – diarrhoea. (NS) (day 2)

Diarrhoea. (day 4)

Loose stools in the morning. (day 6)

Itchy anus. (day 23)

Prover 16

Stool quite a lot softer than usual. None yesterday. (day 5)

Stool softer than usual. (day 6)

Prover 23

Itching anus. Have to scratch – no relief. Extending at times around to vulva and left side of vagina. Very irritated and itchy – about 1 hour.

Bowel movement very light yellow almost cream colour.

Bowel movement still lighter than usual but not as light this morning.

Have not passed stool – uncomfortable – still pain.


Prover 15

Slight burning in chest. (day 1)

Oppression around heart. Congestion. (day 7)

Tight, oppressed feeling. Heart pounding after minimal exertion. Want to have window open. (day 8)

Prover 5

Pain – left of lower rib cage in centre. When I press it I can feel my heart really strongly. It lasted 20 minutes. Reminded me of a baby inside kicking. (day 1)

My breasts are quite tender. At night I can’t lie on my front. It’s << than usual. I had a sensation of milk let-down which was strange (i.e. It felt the same as when breast feeding and you get the let-down reflex). (5 years since I last breast fed). (day 7)

Prover 13

Slight rawness and irritation in upper chest. (day 2)

Symptoms persist. (day 3)

Awoke at night with palpitations – they lasted about 30 minutes. (day 7)

Prover 8

Feeling of constricting tightness below level of left nipple. (day 1)

Dull ache radiating from left side of chest to left side of back. (day 1)

Chest tightness. (day 53)

Prover 23

Throat and external chest feel very hot.

Pain jut below sternum like big weight like I’d swallowed some sort of rock or big stone.

Felt full, same heavy feeling below sternum like swallowed a rock.

Heavy feeling below sternum like eaten too much.

Full up sensation again under sternum after eating lunch.

Felt really ill all day. Cold has gone to my chest and I’m having problems breathing.

Lungs feel sore.

Hacking cough.

Breathing is still bad.

Barking couch, coughing up mucus.

Still having problems breathing < pm.


Prover 15

Sharp pain, extending down leg, while walking (left). (day 1)

Pain in elbow and knee – both left. (day 10)

Pain left elbow and left knee – joints. (day 13)

Prover 5

My right knee hurts going upstairs and on bending in general. (day 1)

My right knee still hurt going up and downstairs < going up. (day 1)

Right knee painful, getting <. Hurt all the time now. Pain feels in kneecap > pressure. (day 1)

Right knee still hurts. Pain across front of kneecap. (day 1)

When I woke I had cramp in my right calf for about 30 seconds. I had to move my leg. It hurt! (day 1)

It feels like I’ve pulled a muscle in my right hand (right side of palm). It hurts when I press it or move my fingers. It lasted up to an hour. Cramping on movement, throbbing on rest. Sudden onset. Started at 7pm. (day 1)

Muscular ache in my right arm, top half like I’ve been carrying a heavy bag, but I haven’t. From shoulder downwards. Right shoulder feels a bit stiff too. Small patch of eczema on top of left shoulder, more itchy. (day 2)

Muscular ache in right thumb. (day 2)

The muscle in my right hand was throbbing as I sat in the car. (day 2)

My hand is shaking as I’m writing (see stomach – feel sick). (day 2)

There’s a faint pain in my right elbow from time to time as I walk along. (day 3)

When I woke I almost had a cramp in my right calf but it didn’t materialise. (day 4)

My right big toe is very sore because the corner of the nail cracked and dug into it and broke off. (Never happened before). (day 4)

My shins are very itchy after swimming. My skin is very itchy. My right wrist is really itchy (inside). It never has been before. I want to          scratch it. (day 7)

Inner right wrist still very itchy. The skin on my right hand is cracking. There are like the remains of tiny blisters on my little finger, on the edge of my hand. (day 8)

Inner wrist itchy again. Also my right elbow on the outside. (day 9)

My wrist is very itchy whenever I wear my watch. I have to keep taking it off.

The skin on my right hand is still very dry and cracking. Not deep cracks, just surface.

My finger has been itching where my ring is (right hand, ring finger). Also the outside of my right elbow from time to time. (day 10)

The skin on my fingers is a right mess. On my middle finger it looks like it’s been burnt around the top joint. There are little blisters under the skin on the tops of my fingers. It’s quite sore in patches. (Right hand – but I only have a right hand!!). (day 11)

Skin still dry on right hand but less sore than yesterday. Cramping pains in right hand for a few minutes. Cramping pains in right hand – whole hand. Had to keep opening it to stop it turning. Mild cramp. Right elbow aching, like I’d been carrying a heavy bag, but I needed. (day 12)

Middle finger crack bleeding – on top joint on outside. Ring finger almost bleeding – near nail on outside. (day 13)

Hips aching this morning. Coming from the inside side of my legs. (day 16)

Legs very painful in night. Hips aching very badly, like I’d stretched them way too far. Pain went down to my knees, and my right knee was especially painful too. It was the left side of my right kneecap. Constant pain, < with pulse beat. Over the night it gradually improved. Too painful to sleep. Nothing >. (day 18)

Inner wrist very itchy again. Right side. (day 36)

My right knee hurts when I walk. (day 38)

6 months later: Right knee still hurts. < Kneeling, bending, walking. Also same pain in right hip at times. (All new from proving).

Prover 3

Ongoing from a week before proving started: Septic spot on proximal segment on right ring finger. (immediately after taking the remedy)

Coldness of the upper arms, even though it was a sunny day. (immediately after taking the remedy)

Feet and legs feel cold. (immediately after taking the remedy)

Tingling and itching upper outer arms. (immediately after taking the remedy)

Some aching in left upper arm. It feels a bit heavy. (day 1)

As I write my hand is tingling in my middle and ring fingers. (day 1)

I’m getting second red spot on right ring finger next to old spot. Sore, swollen, pink. (day 3)

New spot on finger almost gone. (day 4)

Red spots on hands gone. (day 7)

Mild twinges of aching pain in left hip, radiating down lateral side of left thigh. Not very severe, < sitting, > standing. (day 11)

Prover 12

Stiff body. Knees stiff, as if they need to be oiled. Hip joints stiff and stretched. Tension in thigh muscles. (all pre-menstrual symptoms). (day 5)

Prover 16

Burning pains. During afternoon waves of sweating and joints and muscles feel more sensitive, burning, painful, especially now upper back, also wrists when moving hands and hips. Back, upper back and between shoulder blades. (day 1)

I feel my joints and muscles more than ever with each movement. It makes me gradually irritable. Pain < after activity. Burning pain (no burning before proving). (day 2)

Burning joints. (day 3)

Left shoulder hurts and is a bit swollen. Burning knees. (day 4)

Shoulder a bit >. Knee and left arm still feel stiff, hands to (evening). (day 5)

Woke up several times, aching in the morning: Wrists, lumbago, shoulder, knees. Left arm and shoulder hurt less when I sleep on left side. If on right side I have to move it and change position all the time. Knees feel heavy and under pressure. (day 12)

Arms and shoulders < afternoon. (day 13)

Shooting pains not only left arm but also right arm and lower legs. > Sat down after tea. (day 18)

Hot hands esp. Left, in bed. (day 19)

Prover 13

The hair on my arms was very itchy and I was scratching it all day. (day 1)

Prover 8

Itchy feeling – left upper arm extending to left rear midriff (margin of diaphragm). (day 1)

Prover 19

Tingling shooting pain in crack of left arm, while washing up; lasted two minutes. Darting pain, extending outwards. Felt like hitting or tapping the arm to relieve pain. (day 5)

Prover 14

Severe pain in right big toe, during the night (evening). Unbearable burning pain that lasted for half to three quarter of an hour. (day 1)

Toes cold esp. on the right foot, gone numb, all the toes. (day 14)

Soles of my feet went cold and numb. (day 17)

   Prover 10

Left arm uncomfortable, disconnected heavy feeling from left shoulder blade to elbow. Pain in left elbow. Left leg feels achy, dragging ache < knee joint. (day 7)

Hands and feet burning hot, sweaty. Hands feel ‘too big and too fat’. Feet feel the same.

Pain in heel of left foot – shoe feels too hard. Right knee flares up with anxiety in stomach.

Feet so hot – out of bed covers at night (very unusual). (day 12)

Prover 23

Groin right side feels bruised strained only when walking.

Cold hands.


Prover 14

Extremes of temperature. I felt the change in temperature. Chilly then overheated. Had to put on warm clothes then got overheated. (day 11)

Had a fever, profuse sweating of head and face. (day 12)

Permanent low fever; whole body sweating. Although I feel cold I’m hot and sweating. (day 16)


Prover 14

Working at 3am when I should be sleeping. (day 4)

Terrifically tired. Had to sleep in the afternoon. (day 8)

Slept to 11pm then woke and read until 1am then slept until 8.15am. (day 9)

Sleeplessness. Woke at 4am. (day 14)

Erratic sleep patterns. Sleeping in the afternoons. Needing less sleep. Sleepiness – Exhaustion.

Prover 19

Slept better than for some time. (1st night)

Slept very well again, deep, slept through the cat crying at the door. (day 1)

Slept very well again. (day 2)

Slept very deeply. (day 3)

Good night’s sleep again. (day 4)

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