A Proving of Marienglas/Selenite CaSO4•2H2O

Deep sleep. (day 6)

Prover 13

Got up early and was working – this is highly unusual. (day 6)

Was awoken by palpitation – lasted about 30 minutes. Awoke at 2 pm with nightmares. (day 7)

Prover 16

Feel drowsy (9am) have to pull self together to get going. (day 1)

Woke 4am. Very warm. (day 6)

Was on the go almost the whole day but did not feel very tired in the evening. (day 10)

Prover 12

Restless sleep. (1st night)

Prover 3

Drowsy, dropped off to sleep for half an hour as I felt sleepy. Woke with ringing of phone. (Most unusual for me to drop off to sleep in the afternoon. I feel it was a subconscious desire to escape from my feelings of fear and apprehension). (NS) (day 1)

Prover 5

Fell asleep suddenly and calmly. Definitely different from usual. (day 1)

Very deep sleep over last few days. (day 4)

Not sleeping well. Mind buzzing at night, full of too many thoughts. Waking too early, wide awake thinking. Tired but mind too busy. (The same as when the proving was first announced). Felt excited – exactly as when proving was first mentioned. That’s weird. (day 28)

Prover 23

Sleepless night – woke 1.20am then broken sleep for rest of night.


Prover 16

We (family) were on holiday in Germany, stayed at a town where we        had lived for many years. A man showed us the flat he let us stay in. It had a good view over the water with ships going in and out of the harbour. I was just going to have a shower, when I woke up. (day 1)

We were on holidays at the seaside, sat on rocks. First I saw brightly       coloured turtles in the water from above, then one came out and climbed over the rock towards me. (day 2)

Was looking regularly after a few children in a primary school. I was       there and spoke to several people (whom I don’t know in real life)   about looking after them. (day 3)

Went to an airport to get home from a holiday. We met a couple whom we had not met before but knew that they were an acquaintance of one of my cousins. Had lunch with them. (day 4)

Had a dream which I cannot remember properly, only that I discovered that our son should have gone on a canoeing trip over the weekend but had not. He does not do canoeing at all. (day 5)

First dream about my father. He was as he is now (physically frail) but cheerful and sang in bed. We gave each other a big hug what we never did in real life. (day 6)

I remember that I had two dreams, but can only remember fragments       (dream 1) getting settled in a new house. Dream 2: Was in a gathering with many people. An older man tried to           approach me and I tried to get away. (day 9)

I was chased by somebody in the countryside. We started to fight (wrestle). I knew I could lose, but woke up before it happened. (day 10)

Dreamt that we had been in my parents’ flat and some people forced their way into it.

Dream 2: I had fear to be confused. I tried to make breakfast and was afraid that I would not get it together. (day 15)

Prover 8

Strange abstract dream in black and white, moving through a forest of posts and geometric objects; seemed to be about thickness and texture. No emotion felt during dream. Dream 2: I was on a stopping train going to Manchester. A passenger reported that his property had been stolen from the train. A public announcement over the train’s intercom was made that unless the object was handed over the train would be stopped between stations and everyone would be searched. Felt irritated by this. (day 1)

My partner and I were sharing our house with another couple we did       not know. They seemed to walk into our bedroom whenever they wished. I felt very uneasy about this. (day 2)

Woke with a start after a dream involving a chase sequence. My unknown companion and I were chased around the country by armed security forces (for spying?) Until we were eventually cornered and captured. (day 3)

An abstract dream about everything being reciprocal. Two people (unknown to me) are arguing; everything one person has done to the other, the other person does to them. Dream 2: I was watching a blue 3 wheeler reliant Robin car going down the motorway; all of a sudden the wheels started to fall off; the car burst through the central reservation and was hit by a lorry coming in the opposite direction. (day 5)

Went round car lots in a panic trying to buy a minibus. (Thought on waking: I have no need for a minibus). (day 8)

Very vague and uncertain dream about visiting a person I did not know on a hospital ward. I was shown to the patient by a nurse I felt I knew (but I didn’t really). (day 11)

I was in a canoe alone going down a very fast downhill rivers past rocks and rapids but everything that happens to overturn or endanger the canoe was automatically rectified without any effort on my part and I knew that I would be safe. (day 16)

Went back to former matrimonial home with an unknown person. Ex-wife was there with a boyfriend (20 yrs her junior). She was very         embarrassed and tried to make us leave but her boyfriend wasn’t bothered. He chatted and was relaxed and friendly. I felt good and in control of the situation. (day 20)

I was in a rally driving competition, being navigated by an unknown        person who doesn’t seem to know how to navigate properly. We became more and more lost as the competition continued, but I didn’t feel unhappy about this for some reason. (day 24)

Abstract and uncertain dream about escaping from yellow and black squares. Felt confused about this rather than afraid. (day 34)

Strange abstract dream about protecting territory by selling the rights to it. The territory was demarcated by yellow and black squares. (day 35)

A badger had entered the house and was behaving as if a pet dog. (day 51)

Prover 13

I had a dream where I was covered in blood. My mother was in the dream. The dream felt unpleasant, I didn’t know where the blood had come from. (day 5)

Had a nightmare about living in an Indian slum – went to a house with ferret like rats pouring out of the door which ran over our bodies. I was with my family. Dream 2: Husband was having an affair. I was angry and bit his nose off which came away from his face. I then bit his face further and his cheek and his face came away from his skull. (day 6)

I was looking at an elephant and had a real sense of what it was like to be an elephant. Felt strong, calm, solid and spiritually connected (meaning: connected with sth benevolent).

Dream 2: Had an ‘end-of-the-world-feel’. There were big scary new ‘radio stations’ in the sky which looked like massive lights. They reminded me of U.F.O’s and scared me. In order to connect to these stations and be ‘in tune’ I had to eat electric circuit boards – metallic bits had to be scrunched up and chewed properly. I was mildly worried about what effect this was having on my health, but knew that I had to be connected to the new ‘stations’. It all felt futuristic and scary, alienating. (day 7)

Prover 21

Awoke with the name ‘Sam Ng’ in my head. He’s a real person – an old Chinese healer who I respect as being a true spiritual healer. I haven’t seen or heard from him for 8 months or so. The dream left me feeling good – it felt like a reminder to be spiritually connected and aware. (day 1)

I was driving a friend to a meeting. She is someone who represents totally ungrounded spirituality for me – head in the clouds (of astrology and angels etc.). Anyway, I had to stop driving the car as my sense of perception became totally distorted. When I looked at the road it seemed like it was 200 yards or so beneath me rather than a few feet. It looked so far away and small. I felt scared and felt unsafe to drive. I thought I may hurt someone and crash into a [?] or a car and cause an accident. Dream 2: A very, very tall thin giant clown (8ft tall or so) was carrying my two youngest children through Chorlton, like wearing stilts with trousers covering them. It had wooden rickety wheels attached to its feet and trundled and bumped along, looking very unsteady and wobbly. The children both looked worried and uncomfortable. The clown looked precarious and its wooden wheels and too tall to be stable. (day 2)

Saw two beautiful U.F.O’s spinning in the sky, static, but whirling in the same place. Had a magical, ethereal quality. Made up of lights, looked a bit like gyroscopes. Felt happy and uplifted. Magic in the air. (day 3)

Front of my head had split gently open and a smallish dark thing came out. It was a piece of faulty, negative thinking. I was pleased that it was being taken away. (day 4)

Dreamt of lots of tiny penguins swimming at very high speed through a stream, underwater. Beautiful music playing underneath. Also, a lonely big seal in a cave. Lovely ‘beauty of life’ feel to this dream. Nightmare: Dreamt there was a poltergeist in the bedroom, strumming the guitar harshly. I asked my ex, who was next to me, to get it to go away. He said it would only get more angry. It was a malevolent spirit and I was terrified. In the end it threw up on me. Yuk. I woke up terrified and it took a while to shake off the fear. (day 5)

Dreamt I was half-[?] With beautiful smooth skin, young looking and plumpish. I was delighted with the total change! The only thing that bothered me was that my teeth were even more yellow than they are in reality. (day 10)

Dreamt I had to shave to get rid off my spots on chin and looked in mirror and saw that I had a beard. I hoped that it was a temporary thing but feared that I’d have to shave from now on. I looked like a schizophrenic lad I know – odd and wimpy. I wasn’t happy about it at all and was relieved to wake up with just the spots. (day 15)

This was more of a sleeping thought than a dream (though I was definitely asleep). When I die I will go to some purgatorial place and ‘wake up’ after death and think ‘Oh no! I’ve done it again. I’ve gone through another life and not done the thing I was meant to do.’ There was some decision or big undertaking I was supposed to have done, but I’d forgotten, and my shortcomings had led me down a less appropriate path, and I’d have to stay in purgatory, then try again next life. It felt like I’d done this thousands of times before. I’d been too selfish, neurotic, egotistical, forgetful and out of touch to know my destiny. – it was to do some big unselfish task(s) of a lifetime. [I woke up feeling very worried and wishing I knew what it was. It feels relevant to my life. I’m doing TV music and really feel I should be doing some kind of healing work]. (day 20)

[Woke up with fear streaming down my face at 5 am after the following dream]:

I wanted to go to the Island of Iona urgently. [It’s a place of pilgrimage for me as my baby girl, Iona, who died ten years ago, ‘s ashes are there. It’s an utterly spiritual, poignant place for me]. My friends Suzanne, Bruce (a couple) where in the dream. Another close friend who I’d talked of going there with, was in the dream, but she recently has got a partner. I was upset because I had no-one to go with – I couldn’t go with any of my friends as I’d be ruining their ‘coupleness’. I felt I couldn’t go on my own with the children. I felt a strong yearning to go. I cried and told my friends this. Suzanne [who in life has been desperately trying for a child and is infertile and upset about it] said ‘Carol, sometimes you just have to live with the longing’. I felt like she understood deeply about longing – these were wise words. [Thoughts on dream: I awoke very sad. This dream reflects the truth of my situation. I am coming to terms with being single (a relief mainly!) since November. The dream reflects the downside of that. Also, again a strong reminder to connect to the spiritual – Iona (baby and place) for me a huge symbol of purity, spirituality, higher love, this is what I’m longing for. (day 21)

Strange, hard to describe dream about two men. One the ‘jailer’, one       the mentally ill ‘prisoner’. I kept thinking I knew who was who, then the prisoner would take out keys and reveal himself as the jailer then vice versa. Like a twist in the tale mystery story. Both were sardonic and dry. (day 22)

[Wrote this one down while still asleep I think – as it doesn’t make much sense. I wrote:] Guy broke into my house. Infamous. He did the ‘chicken robberies’. I managed to befriend him and led him into police trap.’ [was broken into 2 months before]. (day 23)

Prover 19  

I was sitting at a railway station waiting for a train Blackpool. There was an old-fashioned board showing the times of the trains (old-fashioned station). I missed the train because the board was broken. I went to find the guard to complain but then I changed my mind and went home. Dream 2: Dreamt that Ralf was doing magic tricks with a bowl of hard boiled eggs – peeling the shells first. I picked up an egg and it moved of its own accord as if by magic and then I squashed it, saw the yolk and ate it. Fionna was observing. I felt watched. (day 2)

I put my hand down a drain to recover some lost shopping and pulled up some gloves, socks, shampoo, yoghurt. I found this satisfying, not disgusting. I scratched my watch and told my mum (present from her) and she said she would have it and buy me a new one. Dream 2: I was in a south German town (Heidelberg), looking at the flats where exchange students were living. Then all of a sudden I was checking out accommodation in the town and the different prices. (day 4)

Worrying about having to get up and work a shift at a restaurant with a hangover and no sleep. (day 5)

A strange, weird man was sitting in the shadows of a room in my flat. I was supposed to be alone. As I was leaving he got up to leave too and followed me everywhere. He wanted me to love him and kept saying I never would. He had a very evil face and at one point fired a gun. (I felt safe). We were in a huge lovely house with big strangely shaped rooms and then suddenly we were in a little village where the animals were all huge. I tried to climb on a horse to escape but it was too big. (day 7)

I was in library giving some books back and the librarian charged me an enormous fine and I argued with her openly and I kept saying she was ripping me off. Dream 2: I was on a boat, scrubbing the deck. (day 10)

I was in artist’s flat on his balcony looking at his work. I picked up one of his paintings in a book and painted over the bottom with words (?). I then realised he had four books with paintings of Manchester – one for     summer, spring, autumn, winter. I ruined book of winter paintings. Started to panic and woke up just before artist returned to the flat. (day 11)

Dreamt that I had a relationship with another man. I wasn’t in love with him at all but he was so happy with me. Sense of guilt but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him I was married. Then I was sitting at a table and husband was there. Felt highly uncomfortable and couldn’t bear the thought of hurting him. (day 14)

Dreamt I was sitting in a corner of a room watching a colleague sleeping on a couch and I knew that she was dreaming – that the blinds were opening and closing and she felt scared and couldn’t understand how this was happening. (day 19)

With a friend in the countryside, trying to catch a train to London. There were few trains from the village station and I wanted to catch a train from a town but I couldn’t. Each time we tried to catch the train it set off without us. (day 21)

Ex boyfriend was lying in bed with another girl. He was under the covers and she wasn’t. I felt jealous but couldn’t understand why. He came to sit at my table in a cafe but I walked away. (day 25)

Prover 14

I was totally alone and abandoned I had to start life again. No friends or partners. I dreamt of remedies. I was in bed with a beautiful Staphysagria but she left me. Everyone was leaving me. I was in a    hippy gypsy environment. I decided I could start again on my own, as I had done many times before. I was pissing on the floor of a barn like building where people were sleeping on the floor on bags. (day 7)

Dreamt of a builder who climbed onto the bins(?) and fell flat on his        back. I was desperate to find Arnica in the house but couldn’t find any. They took him away on a handcart. (day 11)

Dream of being in bed with two girlfriends. An old girlfriend and my present one. Trying to explain to my new girlfriend what was happening. We were in a market near Covent Garden, another girlfriend tells me she’s a man so she can’t see me anymore, she has a new lover. I was devastated. In a pub, but couldn’t get to the bar. It was blocked with builders’ rubble. (day 12)

Prover 10

Dreamt I’m at Ralf’s house – full of plant pots – all singular, separate. Very tall, straight and individual. Singular but compact. Felt isolated and alone. (day 3)

Prover 5    

Something about the number 54 or 56 and having to divide it by 8, with children in it. A second dream involving a house, gravel drive, someone trying to decide where to park, a friend I haven’t seen for quite a while and horses, maybe a riding holiday. (day 1)

We were going somewhere, needed to catch a train or something. I was very angry because I had left something important somewhere on purpose. I left husband sitting on a shop doorstep and set off to get it back. It was a long walk and no matter how much I hurried there wasn’t enough time. Then I was in Germany and doing some sort of exchange with the family. They didn’t want me. They were horrible to me and excluded me from what they were doing. I knew I had three weeks there. I didn’t know if I could stand it. Also a dream about making love and it being a complete failure. (day 6)

Two of my teeth came out. They were joined together, like a scab. One of them had a filling in. (day 7)

Vague dream – an enormous house, Christmas trees in different rooms, hiding from the children, some connection with my parents-in-law. (day 8)

A confused dream about having a baby (a little girl called Anna) and        being pregnant and having my period. All the timing was mixed up. It was my period but I knew/thought I was pregnant and I already knew about the baby. I was worried about telling my mum. It was Christmas. I wasn’t going to tell her but I thought then the children would. It all felt very confused. I remember thinking about practicalities like if my friend still had any maternally clothes. Although the baby was unplanned, part of me really wanted to have her. I can picture her clearly from the dream. Also I had no idea how she’d been conceived as we’d been careful with contraception. There was also something about my Dad picking me up late at night in the dark from a house which had previously belonged to his friend (a very long time ago) and now belonged to his friend’s son who was         someone I knew. I felt a teenager/student in it. (day 9)

Something about driving slowly in central London near Marble Arch, then the car turning into a pushchair! Also a combination Quakers and homoeopathy lecturers in a very big building, missing my lecture. (day 10)

Kirsty (daughter) had cancer and was going to die soon. I couldn’t bear it. I was sitting outside holding her like a baby. I felt like my heart would break. Dream 2: In the school playground where another mother [who, to be I think of as lesser in some way, and was the same one who I saw on day 1 of the proving outside work) was doing the proving too, and she had filled her book!! I thought, how can she be better than me? Dream 3: In a dark passage which was apparently Lincoln Castle,      trying to get to the exit before closing time and to the station in time for the train. Going down spiral staircases in the dark, with someone I know vaguely who kept stopping because she had sore feet – I was annoyed that she was so slow but didn’t say anything. We got out of the castle in time but halfway to the station I realised we’d left something behind. Can’t remember anymore. (day 13)

Being scared of horses being ridden on a road. I tried to go a different way on my bike but it was flooded. That was scary – it felt like I could have drowned if I hadn’t been careful. (day 14)

Vague dream about looking for something in a shop but not finding it. (day 15)

I’ve been dreaming about doing homoeopathy exams all night!! They were going to last for 2 days. There was a lot of confusion about them. The questions were impossible. (day 16)

Dream about a friend from secondary school who I’ve not seen since I left. She’d lost two sheep (her parents had a farm). (day 18)

Minding someone else’s baby and she fell into a deep muddy puddle. I thought I’d forgotten how cuddly babies are when I picked her up. An animal a bit like a big badger. A bus journey with a friend who I haven’t seen for ages. The children drawing very big pictures of themselves. Other animals in some sort of wildlife park. (day 19)

A friend from ages ago who I’ve lost touch with really lost her ring somewhere and then someone found it. She said it had belonged to her grandmother. Also something about being somewhere communal and wanting to hide away on my own. (day 20)

I was in Leicester University and all the doors were shut and I didn’t know which way to go. Also about something being in a sort of canteen with people form the homoeopathy course and about to eat dinner. (day 21)

Long and complicated dream in which my supervisor was ‘tracing the picture of my disease’. It involved visiting lots of things, people, places from my past including first becoming pregnant with K unintentionally. Something about Ralf and a group of other people, a large house surrounded by gravel, someone from the Quakers and a range of others. [It felt really significant, as if it was rounding everything off]. (day 23)

Dream about being in Germany (Repeat of dream 27 days ago). Being driven by a tractor, along a long track through fields. Stopped to camp in a very sloping muddy field – no grass. Went out and the sea was there, the tide was coming in very fast. Had to rush back to stop the sleeping bags getting wet. Feeling of being unable to do what I wanted because of circumstances outside my control. (day 34)

Dream where I was talking to my Granny (she died 3 and a half years ago). (day 38)

Prover 3    

Dreamt I was staying at a house in Ireland with an old friend of mine who had borrowed it from a doctor. I don’t know why we were there but I needed somewhere to stay. It was a large pleasant house but slightly in need of a good tidy up. Nothing happened except the owner came back and his cleaner did the tidying up an hour before he returned. I just had to leave and although I had arrived by plane I was given instructions to leave by car. The roads were familiar and reminded me of where I had lived as a child.. [Feeling was pleasant and nostalgic]. (day 1)

Dreamt of aeroplanes precision flying through a hole and disappearing. Dreams of seaside, swimming water. (day 2)

Dreamt I was kissing a handsome bearded medical student while I was having a bath. [A face I remembered from my student days. Nostalgic dream]. (day 3)

Dreamt I was writing music. I had a tune in my head and had to write it down before I woke up. It was very cold with snow outside in the dream and I was looking in the fridge for various things I had bought. Dream 2: I’d bought two thoroughbred horses and I’d given one to the people next door who had a paddock and could shelter them. It was very cold and snowing and I was worried about them. (day 4)

I dreamt my mother was ill and Dad was comforting her. Then I was cleaning the silver and showed my daughter Rachel’s friend how to do it. Dream 2: Dreamt I was being followed on a bicycle by a funny couple, one off them had no head. Dream 3: Dreamt I was persuading Rachel’s friend Mia to do Msc like Rachel. Dream 4: Dreamt I was given some chicken legs by my husband to get rid of. (day 5)

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