Discussion and advise on the prescription in acute diseases and acute exacerbation of chronic disease.

Nature of chronic disease. Character of chronic disease. Miasm involved in chronic disease.

Totality of symptoms in chronic cases of illness. Symptoms right from childhood must be taken. If the symptoms has been perverted by other medication, picture before that treatment guide for the remedy.

General Symptoms that represent the whole inner of the patient are very important for prescription. The intensity of the symptom in patient and in the remedy should be match.

Knowledge of pathology which is often ignored by the homeopathic physician, is equally important of a successful prescribing, case management and in deciding where the patient needs surgical intervention.

Concomitant are often confused with another set of symptoms that comes with a disease. Sometimes two or more set of symptoms appear at a time and mistakenly termed as concomitant.

Discussion on the probabilities that a prescriber sees after administration of a remedy to the patient.

Homeopathy aggravation is only seen in few chronic case when the disease is incurable or there are tissue changes.

Discussion on the repetition of the remedy. The case of disease itself is sole guide of repetition.

2nd Presc

Dr. Gibson Miller’s advise on the selection of potency.

Direction of the symptoms takes place during the cure.

Note on the inimical remedies.

Continued use of some drugs and narcotics shorten the effect of homeopathic remedy.

Some guidelines from the master which should be kept in mind when homeopath makes a prescription.

Idiosyncrasy is a type of susceptibility. Susceptibility is the one that allow a sick man to react towards the homeopathic remedy.

Guidelines for administration of remedy during drug proving.

Discussion on psora miasm. A complete picture of disease is necessary to cure to chronic disease including past infections.

Discussion on the syphilis miasm. Instruction on remedy selection in syphilis active state and miasm.

Discussion on the acute and chronic expression of sycosis miasm.

List of remedies predominantly aggravated by cold.

List of remedies predominantly aggravated by Heat.

List of remedies sensitive to both extreme of temperature..