Category - Cancer and Cancer Symptoms by R.T Cooper

Robert Thomas COOPER (1844-1903) says cancer-tissue, when accumulated in any one part of the body, can, generally speaking, be easily acted upon, much more easily then even a fatty tumour or a tuberculous mass; the effect of remedies ought to be carefully watched, so as to prevent a too rapid dislodgment of the disease; under any circumstances there is great danger to the patient’s life if the cancer mass be large, by the too rapid outpouring of the cancer poison; nothing contributes to this rapidity of flow so much as the constant repetition of remedies; and, therefore, by far the safest plan is to allow a single dose to expend itself upon the disease, and to be careful not to interpose even such apparently harmless things as ointments, lest the effect upon the disease should be too great. Originally published 1900.

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