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Colchicum Autumnale

Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Colchicum Autumnale in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      It affects markedly MUSCLES; fibrous tissue; serous membranes; JOINTS, esp. small. It causes extreme relaxation of muscles; the head falls forwards or backwards when the patient is raised from the pillow; arms fall helpless. Patient is WEAK, COLD, (internally), BUT SENSITIVE AND RESTLESS. Pains are, tearing, digging, drawing. Pains worse by mental exertion and emotions, slightest touch and vibrations. Many joints are affected at the same time. Small, rapidly shifting areas of severe pain, but little swelling. Tingling, crawling. Cardio-arthritic affections. Dropsy. Hydropericardium, hydrothorax; ascites, hydrometra. Tendency to collapse; moist collapse; due to dehydration i.e. after repeated vomiting or purging. Shock as from electricity through one half of the body; worse motion. Bad effects of grief; disbehaviour of others; wetting; checked sweat; night-watching; hard study. Irritable and sensitive to impressions, strong odours etc. Rapid sinking. Creeping. Every little hurt pains terribly. Stubbing the toes hurts exceedingly. Paralysis after sudden suppression of sweat esp. of foot, by getting wet.


      Motion. Touch. Night. Stubbing toes. Vibrations. WEATHER, cold; damp. In damp room. Changing weather. Autumn. Slight exertion, (mental or bodily). Stretching. Checked sweat. Sunset to sunrise. Loss of sleep. Smell of food.


      Warmth. Rest. Doubling up. Sitting. After stools. Stooping.


      Depressed; irritable and sensitive. Can read, but cannot understand a short sentence. Memory weak. Extreme impressions such as bright light, strong odours, , misdeeds of others make him quite beside himself.


      Creeping in forehead. Pressive headache better supper, warmth, lying quiet.


      Pupils unequal. Pain in and around the eyeball, to occiput. Acrid tears. Variations in visual acuity. Eyes half open. Visible contraction in lower lid. Dim vision after reading.


      Hearing very acute. Itching in ears. Feels stopped up.


      Nostrils dry and black. SMELL MORBIDLY ACUTE; odours nauseate even to fainting etc. Obstinate coryza.


      Pinched. Sunken. Tingling and oedematous swelling; cheek red, hot sweaty. Pain behind the angle of lower jaw.


      Tongue; bright red, heavy, stiff and numb, projected with difficulty. Glossitis. Taste; flat, bitterish. Mouth hangs open. Flow of saliva with a sense of dryness. Heat in the mouth with thirst. Toothache worse cold and warmth.


      Much greenish, thin mucus in the throat; comes involuntarily in the mouth.


      Thirsty, but LOATHES THE SMELL OR SIGHT OF FOOD; better lying quietly. NAUSEA; retching. Burning or icy coldness in stomach; with colic. Craving for various things but averse to them when smelling them. Wants aerated waters or effervescent drinks. Eggs disagree. Nausea and inclination to vomit, caused by swallowing saliva.


      Distended; contracts when touched; with inability to stretch the legs. Ascites, with fold over the pubic region. Diarrhoea then gouty effects. Stools; very painful, offensive, choleric; of shreddy, bloody, gelatinous, mucus, then tenesmus or spasms of anus. Mucous colitis; after dysentery. Autumnal dysentery. Colicky pains. Agonizing pains remain long after stool.

Urinary Organs

      More urging, more discharge of urine. Urine; hot, highly coloured, watery, frequent; bloody, black almost like ink; black sediment. Albuminuria, diabetes. Nephritis.


      Oedema of scrotum.


      Coldness of thighs; after menses. Sensation of swelling in vulva and clitoris. Feverish restlessness in last month of pregnancy.

Respiratory organs

      Chest seems squeezed by a hand. Night cough, with involuntary spurting of urine. Great dyspnoea.


      Cutting or stinging at heart; weak heart. Heart disease; following rheumatism. Hydropericardium. Cardiac dyspnoea. Pericarditis. Pressure and oppression in the region of the heart better walking. Pulse, thready, imperceptible.


      Ache better pressure and rest. Tension in cervical muscles felt even on swallowing. Violent pain in region of kidneys better lying on back only.


      Limbs cold. Pins and needles in the hands and wrists; finger tips numb. Joints red hot swollen; stiff; shifting rheumatism; worse at night. Swelling of great toe. Cannot bear to have it touched. Tingling in finger nails. Finger joints distorted, fingers flexed but in constant motion. Knees knock together, can hardly walk. Oedematous swelling and coldness of feet and legs. Buttocks hot.


      Falls asleep while reading. Lies on back.


      Copious sour sweat suddenly coming and going rheumatism. Body hot, limbs cold. Sweat cold on face. Sour sweat; nightly.


      Pink spots on back, abdomen and chest. Urticaria. Skin dry, sweat suppressed or profuse.


      Ars; Carb-v; Veratrum


      Ars; Spigelia