Colchicum Autumnale

Homeopathy medicine Colchicum Autumnale from William D. Gentry ‘s Rubrical and Regional Text Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica, comprising the characteristic symptoms of homeopathic remedies from drug provings, published in 1890.

1 Scanty discharge of dark, turbid urine, with tenesmus and burning (Canth, Merc-cor.).

3 Urine :-

(a) Albuminous, with hyperaemia of kidneys.

(b) Ink like, albuminous.

(c) Dark, bloody, almost like ink, with strangury.

(d) Hot, burning, highly colored, with tenesmus.

(e) Turbid, leaves an orange-colored ring in vessel.

(f) Of sour smell and acid reaction.

(g) Whitish sediment in urine.

(h) Contains clots of putrid decomposed blood.

(i) Contains phosphates and some sugar.

5 Pain in region of kidneys.

7 Pain in urethra during passage of urine as if raw.

9 Nephritis, with extreme pain in region of kidneys.

11 Nephritis and dropsy (after scarlatina).

13 Inflammation of kidneys, with pain in back and sacrum; constant chilliness and cold extremities; coldness in stomach.

15 Constant burning in bladder and urethra.

17 Tenesmus and irritability of urethra.

19 Ischuria.