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Kali Carbonicum

Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Kali Carbonicum in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      Weakness caused by all potassium salts is more pronounced in this typical salt of potassium group. WEAKNESS; of the muscles; of heart; of the back; of limbs; weakness of intellect. Fibrous tissues; ligaments of joints; of uterus, of lumbar back are particularly affected_producing relaxation; joints give way; back feels as if broken; the patient feels compelled to lie down or lean on something. Sweat, backache and weakness are the three characteristic symptoms of Kali-c. It is adapted to fleshy, aged, soft, thin blooded and cold persons; sensitive to atmospheric changes, to every draught of air, always shivering, with dropsical and paralytic tendency. The cold air feels hot. Those who have vague or those who withhold their symptoms. SHARP STITCHING; stabbing or catching pains are felt in various parts of the body_joints; chest; muscles, head, lying on affected side etc.; or with any affections. Throbbing pains; numbness or coldness of single parts; abdomen, fingers. Parts lain on are painful or go to sleep. Discharges are profuse and acrid. Convulsions; seems to pass off with eructations. Sudden unconsciousness. Twitching of the muscles; rigidity and atony of the muscles. Whole body as if it were hollow. Fatty degeneration. Tubercular diathesis. Hypothyroidism. As if bed were sinking under her. Never well since pneumonia. Burnings; like fire. Tendency to start, with a loud cry; when touched, even lightly esp. in the soles, which leads a thrill throughout the whole body. Pains go to the part uncovered, not lain on. Ill effects of suppressions of eruptions in childhood. Closing of ulcers or fistulous openings; catching cold and over strain. Debilitating states after miscarriage and labour. Disposition to phlebitis.


      Cold_AIR; draught; water; after overheating; after exertion. Winter. 2-3 a.m. Before menses. Lying on painful or left side. Loss of fluids. After parturition; abortion. Stooping. By a sudden or unguarded motion Change of weather. After coition. Touch. Motion.


      Warmth. Sitting with elbows on knees. By day. Open air. Motion.


      Peevish. Easily startled; starts when touched esp. on feet; on dropping to sleep. Anxiety, with fear when alone. Anxiety felt in stomach. At a loss to know how to say what she wishes. Very irritable. Weeps much. Hypersensitive to pain, noise, touch. Never quiet or contented. Fear; of future; of ghosts; of death. Anxious about his own diseased condition. Quarrels with one’s bread and butter, with his family. Feels as if bed sinking under him.


      Aches into eyes worse motion of carriage, sneezing, coughing; stooping, yawning; better when raising the head and pressing the forehead. Constant sensation as if something loose in head, turning, twisting towards the forehead. Wakes from headache. Hair, dry; falls out; from eyebrows, temples and beard. Painful tumours on scalp.


      Weak; after coition; after measles; after abortion. Vision spotted_ bright sparks, blue, green spots; drops, before the eyes. Inner angles of the eyelids swollen; or swelling like a bag between upper eyelids and the brows. Painful sensation of light penetrating the brain on shutting the eyes. Eyelids cold.


      Stitches in ears from within outwards. Cracking in ears. Right ear hot, left pale and cold. Noises in ear; with headache.


      Descending coryza. Swollen, hard, red. Obstruction better walking in open air. Foetid yellow-green or crusty discharge. Nosebleed on washing the face in the morning. Nostrils ulcerated. Nose red, covered with pimples. Chronic cold. Breathes through mouth.


      Bloated. Pale, sickly, sallow, with sunken eyes. Freckles. Swelling of lower jaw and sub-maxillary glands. Cramps in jaws.


      Toothache; alternating with stitching pains in left breast; only while eating. Mouth slimy. Tongue, grey-white. Gums separate from teeth. Itching in gums; pus oozes out. Pyorrhoea. Aphthae; much salivation. Burning, soreness or painful pimples on tip of tongue.


      Hawks up tough mucus in a.m. Swallowing DIFFICULT; food slowly descends; remains half way in oesophagus, with gagging and vomiting; stricture of oesophagus. Small particles of food go easily in windpipe. Sticking pain as from fish bone.


      Salty, sour regurgitation. Vomiting of sour mucus. Desire for sweets, for acids. Stomach distended and sensitive. Fulness even after little drink or food. Milk and warm food disagree. Feeling as if stomach were full of water. Feeling of lump deep in epigastrium sensitive to touch. Throbbing at back of stomach. Gastric pains go to back, chest, limbs etc. Wants to eat frequently but least food oppresses her. Nocturnal vomiting of food. Nausea better lying. Sour eructations. Feels sleepy and weak while eating, cannot finish her meal. When hungry, feels anxious, nauseated, nervous, tingling, palpitation etc.


      Distended, hard, tympanitic and cold. Throbbing at navel. Feeling as if a cold fluid passed through intestines, during menses. Flatulence. Stitches or sore liver. Pain from left hypochondrium through abdomen; must turn on right side before he can rise. Cutting pain as if intestines were torn to pieces. Stools; difficult, of large, hard lumps; then burning or torn feeling. Piles; inflamed, bleeding, descend when urinating or coughing; better riding on horseback. Stitching like fine needle; during pregnancy; or red hot poker in rectum better cool bathing. Easy prolapse of rectum. Chronic diarrhoea of dyspeptics; during day only. Constipation, after or during menses. Sensation of a lump rolling and rising from the abdomen (right) to throat and back again, on coughing. Anal fistula. Dropsy. Jaundice. Constipation alternating with diarrhoea.


      Burning in left kidney. Nocturnal enuresis of adults; worse coughing, sneezing. Urine; foamy; with thick red sediment. Stitching pain in kidneys, going from buttocks to thighs. Pressure on bladder long before urination; the more it is pressed less the urine flows. Urination slow with burning in urethra. Nephritis, from exposure to cold or injury.


      Complaints after coition. Copious painful pollutions; with subsequent painful erections. Prostration after coition; often with shuddering. Sleeplessness and uneasiness for 2 or 3 days after coition. Aversion to coition. Strange uneasy feeling in genitals. Chronic gonorrhoea; painful scanty discharge; burning during and after urination.


      Delayed first menses; with chest symptoms and ascites.Amenorrhoea. Menses; too late, acrid, profuse. Violent colicky pain, before menses, which are irritating and of pungent odour. Fine stitches in mammae. Leucorrhoea; with labour like pains causing itching and burning in pudendum; better washing. Labour pains inefficient; felt in back, down the hips and thighs. Complaints after parturition and abortion. Haemorrhages, after curetting, and all sorts of other treatment. Eclampsia better eructations. Puerperal fever with cutting pain in hypogastrium, with black and scanty urine. Uterine tumours, cyst. Menorrhagia better taking bath. Soreness of genitals during coition and during menses. Menses; early, with profuse discharge; late, with scanty and pale discharge. Severe uterine spasms without appearance of menses, with feeling of heat and restlessness.


      Catarrhal aphonia; with violent sneezing. Breathing difficult, asthmatic worse least motion or walking; alternating with diarrhoea; with vertigo. Incessant, hard retching or choking, futile cough; then vomiting. Whooping cough. Lungs seem to stick to the ribs. Stabbing chest pains. Hydrothorax. Whole chest very sensitive, during coughing. Cough with relaxed uvula. Coldness of chest. Expectoration; difficult, or small round balls come flying from the mouth without effort; salty, thick, bloody, yellowish, greenish, offensive and profuse; taste sour or pungent.


      Seems to hang by a thread. Palpitation; then weakness; in valvular disease; when becomes hungry. Burning in heart region. Heart pains extend to left scapula. Pulse; small, soft, variable; intermittent or dicrotic. Arrhythmia. Cardiac degeneration. Violent palpitation, shakes the whole body; throbbing extending to tips of fingers and toes.

Neck and Back

      Everything affects the small of the back or pains start there. Neck feels large. Backache; with given up feeling; must lie down; as if broken. Small of the back feels weak. Lumbago; with sudden sharp pains extending up and down, back and down the thighs. Backache after delivery or abortion. Spine painful while eating. Burning in the right side of spine.


      Weakness in arms, feel numb, cold. Numb pinching in (left) arm. Burning like fire in fingers. Legs give out; feel heavy. Tips of toes and fingers painful. Oedema of left foot. Soles very sensitive. Pain from hip to knee. Knees painful worse going downstairs or upstairs. Jerks the limbs esp. when the feet are touched. Sciatica, tearing pain in the thighs, with jerking of muscles.


      Falls asleep while eating. Talks in sleep. Awakes at about 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. with nearly all complaints. Wakes at 1 or 2 a.m., cannot sleep again. Yawns; with headache etc.


      Chilly; with hot hands; and sleepiness; in open air. Internal burning. Sweat scanty, foul on feet. Sweats with slightest exertion; on painful part, on affected part.


      Sensitive, dry. Burning as from mustard plaster. General itching or hives, during menses. Itching of warts. Tension, pressure, rending in scars.


      Ars; Calc-hypo; Fl-ac; Lyc; Phos; Sep; Sulph.


b      Ars-i; Carb-v; Nit-ac; Nux-v; Phosphorus