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Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Medorrhinum in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      This nosode is prepared from gonorrhoeal virus; a powerful deep acting medicine; indicated for chronic ailments due to suppressed gonorrhoea. It affects the mind; nerves; mucous membranes; is useful for chronic pelvic disorders of women; for dwarfish and stunted, sour smelling children. Profuse acrid discharges, causing itching. Fishy odours of the secretions. Offensive odour of the body esp. children and women. Poor reaction due to sycotic taint. Many different kinds of pain; stiffness, aching; soreness, oedema of limbs; dropsy of serous sacs. Emaciation. Trembling all over (subjective); intense nervousness and profound exhaustion. Numbness; formication, internal. Arthritic; rheumatic pains. Diseases of the spinal cord, even organic lesions ending in paralysis. Enlargement of the lymphatic glands all over the body; with heat and soreness. Loss of power in the joints; joints feel loose. Burning. Small very sore aphthae; blisters. State of collapse, wants to be fanned all the time. Tumours, cancer, scirrhus etc.; with history of sycosis. Body smells bad to her, cannot wash.


      Damp; cold. Daytime; sunrise to sunset; 3-4 a.m. After urinating. Touch, even slight. Close room. Before storms.


      LYING ON ABDOMEN. Bending backward; stretching out. Fresh air. Being fanned. Hard rubbing. Seaside. Dampness. Sunset. Damp weather.


      Weak memory. Cannot concentrate. Forgets names, word, her errand. Cannot finish sentences. Loss of thread of conversation. Wild feeling. Things seem strange. Cannot speak without weeping; tells it over and over again. Hurried; and anxious; irritable. Time passes slowly. Fear in the dark and of some one behind her; whispering with her. Sensitive; nervous, impulsive; abrupt, rude, mean, cruel. Apprehensive; anticipates events. Feels far off as though things done today occurred a week ago. Many ideas; but uncertain of execution. Sad; dismal outlook better weeping. Persistent ideas, alternating or erratic states. Cross through day, merry at night. Dread of saying wrong thing. Everything startles her. Non-commital. Suicidal thoughts. Fears going insane. Feels life unreal, everything seems unreal. Desperate. Sad; tearful and fearful.


      Vertigo; worse in vertex, and on stooping. Head pains, with a sense of tightness worse jarring of ears; pulls her hair. Burning in occiput; occiput pains to behind eyes. Hair tousled. Burning deep in brain. Head heavy and drawn backwards. Itching; dandruff.


      Feels as if she stared at everything. As if sticks in the eyelids. Ptosis of lids. Eyelashes fall out, objects look double or small. Swelling under eyes. Sees imaginary objects. Upper lid hard as if it had cartilage in it.


      Partial or total deafness. Ringhole sore and gathered. Pulsation in ears. Quick darting pains. Hears voices.


      Coryza, with loss of smell and taste. Snuffles in children, not relieved by other remedies. Epistaxis. Post nasal discharge, thick yellow. Exhalation hot. Hay fever. Nose dirty (children). Tip of nose cold. Intense itching of the tip. Coryza better sea bathing. Nasal catarrh running down throat.


      Grayish, greasy, greenish; yellow at the edges of hair. Red spiderlets on face. Acne on face worse after menses. Small boils break out during menses. Lips thickened, from mouth breathing.


      Small very sore aphthae. Blisters on inner surface of the lips and cheeks. Water tastes like perfume. Teeth; serrated, soft, crumbling; yellow. Tongue coated; brown and thick.


      Craving for liquors, which she used to dislike; salt, sweets, oranges; ices; sour things, green fruits, refreshing things. Vomiting of pregnancy; pernicious. Morning nausea. Excessive thirst, dreams of drinking water. Ravenous appetite, hunger after eating.


      Heavy lower abdomen. Grinding colic better bracing feet; lying on abdomen. Can pass stools only by leaning very far back, then shivering. Burning in epigastrium. Flatulence with numbness. Dark fetid oozing from anus; of fish brine odour. Fiery red, moist, violently itching anus. Cholera infantum, with opisthotonus. Agonizing pain in solar plexus, applies his right hand to stomach and left to lumbar region.


      Nocturnal enuresis. Scalding ammoniacal urine. Pain in kidney region better by profuse urination, with craving for ice. Bubbling in kidney region. Slow flow.


      Heaviness of prostate; painful and enlarged, with frequent and painful urination. Impotency. Prostration after seminal emission. Heaviness in perineum. Persistent gleety yellow discharge.


      Intense menstrual colic better pressing feet against support. Menses; profuse, dark, clotted, foul; stains, difficult to wash out; with frequent urination. Mammae; cold; sore. Sore, oozing or icy nipples, during menses. Blistering leucorrhoea; thin, of fishy odour. Os uteri sensitive; ulcerated. Breast sore at non- menstrual periods. Itching_ vagina better rubbing and by bathing with tepid water. Drawing in ovaries better pressure. Sycotic sterility. Breast cold, icy, the rest of the body warm.


      Air hunger. Cough better lying on stomach, worse from sweet things. Dyspnoea, cannot exhale. Asthma; sycotic; infantile. Lungs feel stuffed up with cotton. As if a cavity in chest. Coldness in chest.


      Sensation of cavity where heart ought to be.


      Spine sore and tender. Burning heat in spine. Cutting, burning, crawling above left scapula. Pain from left to right shoulder. Lumbago from lifting.


      Arms hairy. Bites nails. Burning of hands and feet. Legs heavy; ache all night cannot keep them still. Cramps in legs better stretching them. Heels, balls and soles tender and itching, cannot walk on them, had to walk on knees. Finger tips cracked and burn. Ankles easily turn when walking. Oedema of limbs. Nails depressed, as if they were bent. Oedema of feet followed and better by diarrhoea.


      Itching; sore. Sycotic red nodes. Deep red spots. Condylomata. Yellow. Continuous itching worse thinking of it. Skin cold but feels as if the blood is hot. Copper coloured spots; remaining after eruptions. Yellow copper coloured spots.


      A short sleep seems a long one which better. Sleeps in knee chest position. Dreams of drinking something.


      Cold skin but blood feels hot. Burning heat with sweat, wants to uncover; but is chilled thereby. Sweat easy; towards morning. Hay fever. Limbs become cold.


      Bar-c; Nat-m; Psor; Thuja