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Nitricum Acidum

Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Nitricum Acidum in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      This acid has a marked affinity for the MARGINS OF THE OUTLETS esp. of the throat, anus and mouth; in addition it affects GLANDS – liver; prostate and salivary. It causes HAEMORRHAGES; easy, bright, or bloody water. Patients are greatly debilitated, trembling, shivery, sensitive, and sore. Pains STICKING LIKE SPLINTER or ulcerative gnawing. Slight pain affects him violently. Discharges are ACRID, thin, dirty or brown; cause redness or destroy hair. OFFENSIVENESS; ozoena, foot or night sweats. Mucous membranes are dark, smooth. Orifices are red swollen and cracked. As of a band about or weight hanging to the part. Sore, stiff during pains. Hard, gritty exudates. Cracking joints. Pains come and go quickly. Suitable to yellow, brunettes; of spare habit, or persons suffering from chronic diseases, having a tendency to catch cold, or diarrhoea. Cachexia. Bleeding after curettage. Malignancy. Phagedena. Fistulae. Syphilis. Sycosis. Cancer. Stubborn suppuration. Bones painfully sore. Convulsions, epileptiform, at night and going to bed, during the day frequent vertigo, better riding in carriage. Ill effects of loss of sleep, from nursing the sick. Pains as if flesh is torn from the bones. Caries and exostoses of bones. Sensitive to medicines given in high potency. As of a mouse running up and down left side.


      Slight causes-TOUCH; JARRING; noise, rattling, motion. Milk. Fat food. After eating. COLD-air. Dampness. Night. Evening. Changing weather. Heat of bed. Mental exertion or shock. Mercury.Loss of sleep.


      Gliding motion. Riding in a carriage. Mild weather. Steady pressure.


      Irritable, hateful, vindictive. So angry, he trembles. Profane, cursing, using vulgar language. Quarrelsome delirium; talks to spirits in other tongue. Confusion. Thoughts vanish, after exertion of mind. Sadness. Despondency. Taciturn. Refuses consolation on one’s misfortune. Anxiety about his disease, fear of cholera; of death. Constantly thinks about past troubles. No disposition to work, to perform any serious business. Hopeless despair. Weeps from discontent of himself. Easily frightened.


      Crushing head pains worse pressure of hat; from street noise. As of a band around head. Skull sore. Puffy swelling on scalp. Falling of hair, from vertex.


      Warm water flowing over eyes; better cold water, or sense of water running from the eyes. Conjunctiva pouts in spots. Diplopia. Eyelashes; stiff, all point towards nose (right). Paralysis of upper lids. Fistula lachrymalis.


      Deafness, better noise, in trains, riding in a carriage; from enlarged and indurated tonsils, after measles. Cracking in ears when chewing. One’s speech echoes in ears. Caries of mastoid. Cystic tumours on lobes of ears.


      Bleeding; dark, clotted; with chest affections, worse weeping. Dripping from nose; from diphtheria. Sneezing; frequent, without coryza; during sleep. Coryza with shortness of breath. Red, scurfy tip. Cutting pain in the nose; caries of bones. Foetid yellow discharge. Ozaena. Green casts from nose every morning.


      Yellow; sickly. Peeling of lips. Angles of lips raw, cracked or scabby. Cracking in jaws when chewing.


      Loose teeth. Gums; swollen, sore, flabby, bleeding; inner side. Moist fissured or mapped tongue. Tongue, clean, red with centre furrow. Sore palate. Ulcers in soft palate, with sharp splinter like pain. Salivation; bloody; with green coating on tongue. Foetor oris. Ranula. Bites the tongue and cheek. Teeth; yellow, caries of teeth. Teeth as if soft and spongy.


      Sticking pain as from splinters; into ears; worse swallowing. Tonsils, red, swollen, uneven; with small ulcers thereon. Cannot swallow even a teaspoonful; difficult swallowing. Hawks out mucus from posterior nares.


      Longing for fats, salt, indigestible things, chalk, earth etc. Hunger, with sweetish taste. Milk disagrees. Nausea; with occasional vomiting, better riding in a carriage. Dislikes meat, things sweetened with sugar, bread. Nausea; with eructations; cannot take food.


      Stools tear the anus, even though soft. Prolonged pain after stools; walks in agony. Rectum feels torn; fissures in rectum. Painful, easily bleeding piles. Colic better tightening clothes. Anus; itching, eczematous or oozes moisture. Ulcerations after dysentery which have been badly treated. As of a dry, hot cloth on. Inguinal hernia, of children. Burning in rectum; after urination. Haemorrhages from rectum after removal of piles.


      Urine; strong as horse’s; or offensive; cold when it passes; alternately profuse and scanty. Urine contains oxalic acid, uric acid and phosphates. Haematuria; with shuddering along the spine. As of a hot wire in urethra. Cramps from kidney to bladder. Infective nephritis. Stream thin, as from stricture. Red scurfy spots on prepuce or on corona glandis. Painless retention or incontinence of urine. Contracted kidney.


      Itching, burning foreskin. Chancres; phagedenic. Oedematous prepuce Phimosis. Strictures from gonorrhoea or syphilis.


      Voluptuous itching of vagina after coition. Bloody water from vagina; or haemorrhages from overexertion. Menses; irregular; early, profuse, like muddy water. Metrorrhagia; after parturition; after curetting. Leucorrhoea; brown; flesh coloured, watery or stringy; stains yellow or leaves spots with black border. Hard nodes or atrophy of mammae. Pain in the back, buttocks and thighs during menses.


      Cough shattering; from a dry spot in larynx; with stitching pain in lumbar region worse cold, winter. Short breath on going upstairs. Cough in sleep without waking. Expectoration; muco- purulent, yellow, bitter, offensive; smeary; accompanied with sweat. Empyema. Haemoptysis. Cavernous phthisis. Short breath from uterine displacements. Congestion in the chest with palpitation and fear. Cutting in larynx. Panting breathing when reading or stooping.


      Palpitation and anguish on going upstairs. Pulse; intermits at fourth beat; irregular. Nervous palpitation caused by slightest mental excitement.


      Stitching pain in lumbar back when coughing. Stitches in and between scapulae; neck stiff. Pain in back at night better lying on abdomen.


      Finger joints swollen. Warts on back of hands. Herpes between fingers. Foetid foot sweat causing soreness of toes. White spots on nails. Tibia painfully sore. Pain in patella, impeding walking. Chilblains of toes. Sweating of palms, hands, cold. Blue nails. Weak ankles, cracking when walking. Ingrowing of the nails with ulceration and a feeling of splinter worse touch. Nails, distorted, discoloured, yellow, curved.


      Dry; eroded; cracked in every angle. Coppery spots; on shin bones. Skin itches on undressing. Crusts form and fall. Ulcers rapid, raw; ragged, with proud flesh or plugs of pus. Stubborn suppuration. Burrowing pus. Warts, large, jagged, bleed on touch or washing. Condylomata. Old scars become painful in cold weather.


      Shocks on going to sleep. Pains come during sleep. Anxious, unrefreshing sleep, with frightful dreams.


      Icy coldness; of soles. Chilly-continuous. Sweats easily; then takes cold. Exhausting (urinous) profuse sweats, in morning; in axillae, on feet, and hands (in spinal injuries). Night sweats on part lain on.


      Calc; Thuja


      Ars; Kali-c; Kreos; Mercurius