Dr. S.R. Phatak describes the clinically confirmed symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Spigelia in his Concise Materia Medica, published in 1977.


      Known as pink root, markedly affects the NERVES; TRIFACIAL; HEART; EYES, teeth, fibrous tissue and LEFT SIDE. It produces combined heart and eye symptoms or the latter as an accompaniment. PAINS are violent, burning, like hot needles or wires, jerking, tearing, stitching; radiating to other parts. Neuralgia. Sun pains. It is adapted to anaemic, debilitated, rheumatic and scrofulous subjects. Very sensitive to touch; parts touched or bruised, feel chilly or causes tingling or shuddering through the body. Children afflicted with worms; refer to navel as the most painful part. Body feels light while walking; heavy and sore when rising from a seat.


      TOUCH. MOTION. Jar. Periodically; with the sun. Tobacco. Coition. Raising arms. After eating. Thinking of it. Stooping. Blowing nose. Expiration.


      Lying on right side with head high. Inspiring. Steady pressure. While eating.


      Afraid of pointed things; pins, needles. Restless and anxious. Sits as if lost in thought; stares at a single object. Gloomy suicidal mood. Easily offended.


      Pain from left occiput to over left eye, worse stooping; making a false step, opening mouth. Vertigo; the feet as if higher than head; worse looking down, must look straight ahead, worse standing, walking. Supra-orbital neuralgia. Feels too large.


      Feel too large. Severe pain in and around the eyes, extending deep into socket, worse thinking of them. Squint with worms. Eyes; red; sore, drawing ache; yellow rings about. As if needles were thrust in. Lachrymation; profuse, from affected side; tears acrid. Difficulty in raising the eyelids with painful sensation of stiffness. Inclination to wink. Difficult to fit glasses, no settled focus, no fixed vision; latent errors of vision. Eso and exophoria. Pricking in lids. Everted eyelids.


      Periodical deafness; ears feel as if stuffed.


      Chronic catarrh with post nasal droppings. Tickling and itching of nose. Dry anteriorly. Flow of water during prosopalgia.


      Prosopalgia involving eye, zygoma, cheek, teeth; temples. worse touch, stooping; from morning until sunset; drinking tea; suddenly going and coming.


      Breath offensive. Toothache worse after eating and cold, when thinking of it better tobacco smoke. Tongue; coated yellow or white; burning or stitches in; cracked.


      Aversion to tobacco smoke, and snuff. Ravenous hunger. Nausea with sensation of a worm rising in throat.


      Colic, with pinching pains in the umbilical region. Stools of only large lumps of mucous. Itching, tickling in anus and rectum. Worms. Very offensive flatus. Faints at stool.


      Urine copious, with frequent urging, mostly at night.


      Dyspnoea worse moving in bed; raising arms; must lie on right side, width head high. Hydrothorax. Heart disease. Stitches in chest worse least motion or when breathing. Trembling in chest.


      PALPITATION; violent, audible; attending other symptoms. Violent sticking or compressive pains, radiating to throat; arms, scapula, worse least motion, or bending double. Palpitation, with foul odour from mouth. Soreness, purring; cracking in the region of heart. Pericarditis. Angina pectoris with craving for hot water which better. Rheumatic carditis. Pulse; intermittent, with nervous palpitation; weak tremulous irregular. Throbbing of carotids and subclavian arteries.

Neck and Back

      Neck stiff; pains into right temple or pain from left shoulder to neck. Cutting about the left scapula.


      Left arm numb. Pulsation in patellae.


      Heat; flushes at night; in back. Sweat offensive; on upper part of the body; on hands, cold.