The word “Dysfunction” characterises better the ensemble of cases of functional troubles of the liver, either because of the real insufficiency, deep or slight, or because of certain functions of the hepatic cells, without any real insufficiency.

Liver is at the same time purifier, fixer of toxins, and transformer of foods which it degrades to seperate from them the products which are to be excreted and those that will be necessary for the economy of the organism.

Berberis 3 or 6 acts on the hepatic cells, on the kidney and on the skin. If this remedy is used in hepato- renal troubles, the kidney is helped causing an increase of elimination through the skin.

Four principal drainers of the Liver : Solidago, Chelidonium, Taraxacum, Carduus marianus. 2. Six drainers of bile ducts and of the liver : Hydrastis Chionanthus, China, Myrica, Berberies.

A tabular summary of the therapeutics of liver discussed in the earlier chapter. Learn important liver remedies in homeopathy medicine.

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These remedies are also given according to their time modalities. Bryonia seems often to act in this case after meals at night, time of amelioration. Ricinus communis given after noon relieves nausea and dyspeptic troubles.

Let us note here that the homeopathic remedies indicated by pathological anatomy are almost all minerals, while clinical remedies indicated by symptoms of the liver are all vegetables.