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Abies Canadensis: This remedy is contraindicated in inflammations. (Felter’s Materia Medica)

Arnica Montana: Should not be used locally in damaged skin, however it can be applied locally and orally simultaneously in trauma cases in healthy skin tissue. (Organon of Medicine)

CHAPTER THREE: Ammonium Carbonicum: Inimical with Lachesis.

Borax is inimical with Acetic Acid and Vinum.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Bryonia Alba is Incompatible with Calcerea Carbonica..

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Calcerea Phosphorica Contraindications.

  1. Large doses are useless and even injurious.
  2. Prolonged administration has produced nephritic colic and passag…

CHAPTER TWELVE: Camphora Contraindications.

  • Camphora is not to be given if there is perspiration (Allen)

Cantharides is inimical with Coffea Cruda

Figure 10 Carbolicum Acid inimical with Lachesis

Caulophyllum incompatible with Coffea

Causticum is inimical compatible with Acetic Acid, Coffea, Phos. Phos. Should not be used before or after Caust. (Allen H.C.)

Chamomilla is contraindicated if mental calmness is present.

Cinchona incompatible with Dig. & Sel.

Figure 14 Cocculus inimical with Coff.

Coffea Cruda inimical with Canth., Caust., Cocc. and Ign.

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE: Conium Maculatum inimical with Psorinum.

Ferrum metallicum is incompatible with Acetic Acid.Figure 16 Ferr. inimical with Acetic Acid

Hepar Sulphuris: High potencies is contraindicated in patients with encrypted tubercle in the lungs. (Kent)Figure 18 Hep. Contraindicated in encrypted tubercle

Ignatia Amara is incompatible with Coff., Nux-V. and Tabbacum.

Kali Carbonicum contraindication: It should not be given in high potencies in advanced cases of gout, rheumatism and phtisis or Bright’s disease. (Kent)

Kreosotum is incompatible with Carbo-vegetalis, Chelidinium. and Carbolicum acidum

27- Lachesis is incompatible with Acetic Acid, Ammonium C., Carbolicum Acid and Nitric Acid.

CHAPTER TWENTY NINE: Ledum Palustre is inimical with China Officinalis..

Nux-Vomica is contraindicated if;

32- Psorinum contraindications: It should not be given for psora or psoric diathesis but like any other remedy upon a strict individualization, the totality of the symptoms and then we realise its wonderful work (Allen).

Ranunculus Bulbosus is inimical with Acetic Acid, Staphisagria and Sulphur.Figure 20 Ran-b. Inimical with Acetic Ac., Staph.&Sulph.

Rhus-Tox is inimical with Apis Mellifica

Sepia is incompatible with Lachesis and Pulsatilla .

Silica is inimical with Mercurius SolubilisFigure 21 Silicea Inimical with Merc.

Stramonium is incompatible with Coffea Cruda

Sulphur is contraindicated in the following cases:1.Cases of advanced phthisis in high potencies.

Thyroidinum is contraindicated in dormant phtisis since it may stir up the condition.

Zincum Metallicum is incompatible with Chamomila and Nux- Vomica. They should not be used before or after Zinc.

1- Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of Medicine, 2000 compiled by Dr.Jalali