Pain in abdomen or Suspected Tumor

Abdominal Tumor

Abrotanum with Clinical Cases

Abscess on Face

Aconite or Sulphur

Adenoids cured with Tuberculosis

Tubercular Glands

Tubercular History Love & Mental Ability Revived


Asthmatic & Dropsical

Bladder Symptoms – Eryngium

Bladder Trouble

Breech Presentation

Brights Disease

Cases of Tarentula Cubensis


Cancer Patient Cured

Carbuncle on the Back of the Neck

Cardiac Patient

Cenchris Cases


Chronic Arthritis

Chronic Disorders Promptly Cured Malarial Fever

Gastric Disturbance

Cicatrix Removed by Medicine

Clinical Cases Old School Drugging

Exophthalmic Goitre

Enlarged Glands

Severe Pain Before Menstrual Pain

Multiple Ulcers


Diabetes Mellitus Cured with Phosphorus



Chronic Liver

Eczema – Mezereum

Gall Stone Colic Cured

Haemophilia – Lachesis

Ulcer on the Leg – Pulsatilla

Ulcerated Throat

Urticaria Appearing Annually

Uterina Haemorrhage

Pain in Heels

Clinical Notes


Sore on Lower Lip

Pains in Right Ovary

Tearing & Stinging in Right Ovary

Gleety Discharge

Paralyzed in Infancy



Headache & Pain

Menstrual Flow Scanty & Enlarged Abdomen

Whisky Drinking etc

Constant Heat of Head & Face

Pains & General Weakness

Swelling Face & Nose


Seasickness – Tabacum

Numbness in Fingers & Soles of Feet

Rheumatism in Muscles & Joints

Rheumatism in Lower Extremities

Clinical Reminiscences

Perfect Cure

Fibroid & Silicea

Heart Affections Removed

Heart Trouble for Several Years

Poor Heart Restored to Usefulness

Rheumatic Heart

Illustrations of Complementary Relationship

Infantile Paralysis

Injury to Head

Involuntary Stools & Phosphorus

Kali Patients

Lepra Vulgaris & Pulsatilla

Mammary Tumor Cured with Carbo animalis

Natrum sulph & Injury to Head

Ovarian Tumor Cured with Lycopodium

Mental Derangement

Pelvic Cellulitis

Periodical Attacks of Chronic Spasms



Rheumatic Patient

Serious Disorders Removed a Cardiac Patient

Totality & Indiduality

Rolling From Side to Side to Relieve Distress

Threatening Tuberculosis

Tubercular Glands Of Neck