Biographical Sketch of Hahnemann

Lecture I

Lecture IV

Lecture V

Lecture VI

Lecture VII

Lecture VIII

Lecture IX

Lecture X

Lecture II

Lecture III


Biological Sketch of Hahnemann

Homoeopathic Principle in Medicine before Hahnemann

Pathological basis of Homoeopathy

Specific Medicine and attempts at a Theory of Cure

Lecture XI

Lecture XII

Lecture XIII

Lecture XIV

Lecture XV

Lecture XVI

Lecture XVII

Lecture XVIII

Lecture XIX

Homoeopathic Posology Contd

Theories of Cure Continued

The Homoeopathic Aggravation


The Proving of Medicines

Actions of Medicines

Hahnemann’s doctrine of Chronic disease

Doctrine of Chronic Diseases Contd

Selection of the Remedy

Theory of the Dynamization of Medicine

Dynamization of Medicines Contd

Homoeopathic Posology

On the Repetition of Medicines

Administration of medicines

Homoeopathic Remedy and its Pharmaceutics

Antidotes Prophylactics Diet Regimen

Appendix of Hahnemann’s Provings