Physicians, who depended solely or chiefly upon so-called pathological indications in selecting a drug, are certainly within the province of Homoeopathy, because, they are in a way, applying its law….

A correct generalization of a drug then, can only be made after a full and complete analysis of its particulars. The mental impress formed by a reconstruction of these particulars is the true general. …

Hahnemann says, the internal changes we cannot determine. But their effects, which appear normally in conscious sensation and motion, and abnormally in symptoms, are determinable. …

We feel after persual of some Homoeopathic literature that a certain stimulus may be given to the more enthusiastic study of our materia medica, if we publish a series of questions formulated by Farrington some fifty years ago…

When Boeninghausen was writing his repertory, Dr. Hering urged him to state just what symptoms or group of symptoms were affected by a given modality. However Boenninghausen refused and kept most modalities as General modalities….

There are cases where a complete totality is not available or does not fit a remedy, in such cases prescribing on a strong keynote characteristic can cure the symptoms not covered by the remedy too….

The Sulphuric Acid patient is usually rather hasty, nervous and restless in his disposition. He can not do things fast enough to suit him. He lacks the stupidity of Phosphoric Acid….

ON SEVERAL REMEDIES MORE OR LESS ANAESTHETIC – Indications of Opium, Analinine, Chloroform, Carbonous Oxide, Nitrous Oxide, Amyl nitrate, Ethyl nitrite etc….

REMARKS ON SEVERAL SUMMER REMEDIES INFREQUENTLY USED – Opuntia, Nuphur luteum, Gnaphalium, Opuntia, Geranium met and Oenothera biennis….

I propose to enumerate the remedies known to affect the posterior nares, and to offer some suggestions concerning a few not often employed….

DRUGS AFFECTING THE OCCIPITAL REGION – remedies having pain or eruptions in the occipital region of head….

Accompanying the backache is a general fatigue with heavy, tired aching, not relieved by repose. The lumbar spine is sensitive in Phosphorus, Agaricus, Bryonia, Lycopod., Pulsatilla, Sepia, Arsenic, Alumina. Those who suffer from lumbar weakness should avoid tea, as it tends to increase the disease….

SULPHUR is characterized by emaciation; the skin is dry, harsh and wrinkled, giving the child an “old-man” look. The body has an offensive odor, not removable by washing….

In homeopathic works on therapeutics, Iris Versicolor is mentioned as a leading remedy in acute inflammation of the pancreas; and Phosphorus and Arsenic, in fatty degeneration….

MANGANESE has symptoms of pressure in the female genitals (Hahnemann); gripping, pinching above the pubes, eructations, weakness of the feet -all characteristic symptoms followed by heaviness in the head, and a menstrual flow that is thick and black …

SPASMUS GLOTTIDIS. CHLORINE, as proved and confirmed by Dr. Dunham, corresponds thoroughly to the paroxysm; inspiration unimpeded and natural, expiration absolutely impossible from a closure of the rima glottidis….

Symptoms vary, therefore, from slight increased redness and raw appearance of cheeks and tongue to the production of blisters and the formation of ulcers and sloughs….

In the treatment of peritonitis, local symptoms must be carefully compared with the general condition, especially with the state of the circulation, the bodily temperature and what is of equal importance, the mental state….

In Metallic Silver (Argentum Met.)., the pains gradually increase and suddenly cease. They occur usually in very nervous people who are subject to vertigo. The Neuralgia is especially apt to occur in the joints….

The treatment of Gout may be divided into that of the acute paroxysm and that of the general symptoms. In an acute attack the following have been most successfully used: Colchicum, Benzoic acid, Bryonia, Rhus tox, Nux vom, Ledum pal, Arnica….

If we examine the symptoms of Copper, we shall see that despite their stormy, convulsive character, they express a tendency towards torpidity, prostration or lack of reaction….

When a patient is continually exposed to the malaria miasm which gives rise to chills and fever, he no longer displays the typical, recurrent symptoms of an intermittent fever….

Attention may be drawn, however, to two or three drugs which seem especially adapted to uterine debility. These are: Aletris Farinosa, Abies Canadensis, Cyclamen, Pulsatilla, Helonias, Caulophyllum, Secale, Ustilago, Sepia, etc….

Is not QUININE the similimum to Intermittent Fever, par excellence? By QUININE, here, I mean, Sulphate of Quinia, Peruvian Bark, China, Cinchonidia, and others of that like. These are nearly identical so far as their pathogenetic or curative effects are concerned….

Hahnemann began to appreciate the delicate qualities of symptoms, their relative value and their adjectiva. Thus the effect of emotions, of temperature, of weather, time, position, etc. became of practical value. …

Dr. Hughes has very clearly revealed the similarity between Epilepsy and Prussic Acid (Hydrocyanic Acid) poisoning, especially in that from which has been termed la grand mal….

There are some in the ranks of Homoeopathy whose names at once recall their favorite medicine, so inseparably united have they become….

Aconite is Homoeopathic to foreign substance in the eye (but it won’t pull them out); that Silicea will hasten the superficial appearance of needles lost in deep tissues; that medicines are Homoeopathic to renal colic (of course not as solvents to the calculi); that Sabina, “a shred of cinchona Bark,” if prepared rightly, will check postpartum haemorrhage. …

Every symptom of a proving or series of provings may be genuine, and yet all genuine symptoms are not equally valuable. Some are vague, indefinite, or common-place, while others are peculiar, distinctive, characteristic….

That the doctrine of “dynamization”, as understood by high potency Homoeopathists, is not sustained or even encouraged by a single fact yet discovered in the whole range of physical science….

Rightly does the medical profession, denounce, as murder, the production of abortion, unless justified by the impossibility of live birth….

Quite recently it became my painful duty to decide whether or not a certain individual, receiving aid from a beneficiary society, was insane or merely deceiving. …

An intelligent arrangement of drug-effects requires a knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and indeed, of many branches of a scientific education. Symptoms are not merely empty words, they mean something, and to determine that meaning one needs all the culture a complete education can afford….

The following symptoms of Natrum phosphoricum are collected from nineteen provings made by twelve provers; nine males, three females. The potencies range from the 6th to the 100,000th. The first provings made in 1869, the last in August 1875….

The proving seems to have established the fact that Salicylic Acid is a powerful anti-septic. Near the close of my first proving with the 10th, I had several pustules on my face and head, but took not particular notice of them; it requires a higher potency, I think, to bring out the psoric symptoms….

I gave Lac Caninum 10m. (Swan), four doses daily for three or four weeks, to a lady of 25 years of age, in excellent health, except that she had never menstruated….

Violent palpitation of the heart. Pale face, oppressed breathing, every artery in the body seemed to pulsate. Pulse could not be counted. Could not take a deep inspiration….

Pulsatilla 30, was given in water, every half-hour, as an antidote to toad stool poisoning. Tired feeling disappeared within one hour; The next morning all well, except a feeling of goneness….

Symptoms after laughing gas inhalation. Headache and aching along spine, as if they were asleep. Spells of semi consciousness, preceded by a numb feeling in head, spreading thence over the body. …

J.J. poisoned in the woods, by Rhus Tox. Left eye-lid swollen, dark-red, oedematous; exuded pus of a yellowish-white colour, from the tarsal margins. Gave Croton Tiglium 30. …

The Iodides correspond more to the early stages of Diphtheria. When, with patches on the left tonsil and engorged glands the Biniodide will often check the whole disease. If the tongue presents the well-known buff-yellow back, the Proto-Iodium will be preferable. …

Like Gelsemium, the Saponin (Quillaya) cures colds contracted in warm, relaxing weather. Both have muscular languor, desire for rest and quiet, general bruised feeling, even of the eye-balls, etc. …

Tarantula, besides causing cramps of the circular fibres of the heart, like Cactus, Iodine, Kali C., Lachesis and Digitalis, differs from them in producing contractions of the spiral fibres….

Farrington shares a wide range of clinical cases, allowing us to peak into his practice and experience how he saw patients and discovered homeopathic remedies for them….