In modern therapeutics the mind has become much more important in the pathological field of diseases. Mind can produce and mind can cure diseases.

The Value and Limits of Application of the Principle of Similitude in Biology and in Therapeutics. The therapeutics is not yet a science and it cannot become a complete science but only when it will be built up on some laws and general unquestionable principles.

The Principle of Similitude: Its new applications according to the recent biological research in Hormones, Vitamins etc. Thus the action of adrenaline is inversed according to the dose it is injected, thus showing a homeopathic action.

The sphere, the possibilities and the actual limits of the principle of similitude in therapeutics. In practice, very few patients do not react according to the principle of similitude, either because they are in a state of a very old disease or very much advanced (some agonies), or for some personal reasons.

Thus the hypophysiological doses of Ipecac are still expectorant, like that of the habitual physiological doses; while smaller doses are antispasmodic and stops expectoration. We will see further on that this fact has been proved by Arndt Schulz.

The law of Arndt Schulz gives a justification to the use of small doses and in the limit of that homoeopathic law and allopathically where small doses join together

In the Hahnemannian method of treatment that in practice we must carefully interrogate every patient on his character, his sentiments, humors and emotions, sensations and impressions etc. without forgetting his sleep, his dreams that gives precious informations.

The possibility of Homoeopathy in the treatment of mental diseases with some persons cases of Melancholy, Insanity, Delirium etc.

In some cases homoeopathy will be but an adjuvant and in some other cases it will take the first place according to well precised indications. Incontestably homoeopathy should cede to other methods, its place if these prove more efficacious.