Category - Materia Medica Pura – Samuel Hahnemann

Materia Medica Pura was written by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. There are six volumes of Materia Medica Pura. There are 61 medicines contained in these volumes. There were 37 provers. It was translated in English by Charles Hempel and R.E. Dudgeon separately.

1st Volume Materia Medica Pura: 1811- Contain pathogenesis of 12 medicines, 6 of which are new, the pathogenesis of all of those which had already appeared being considerably increased.
2nd Volume Materia Medica Pura: 1816- Contain pathogenesis of 8 medicines together with those ascribed to the magnet.
3rd Volume Materia Medica Pura: 1817- With 8 medicines.
4th Volume Materia Medica Pura: 1818- With 12 medicines.
5th Volume Materia Medica Pura: 1819- With 11 medicines.
6th Volume Materia Medica Pura: 1821- With 10 medicines.
Volume I Bell, Dulc, Cina, Cann.S, Cocc, Nux, Op, Moschus, Oleand, Merc, Acon, Arn.
Volume II Caust, Ars, Ferr, Ign, Puls, Rheum, Rhus, Bry, Magnes, North and south pole.
Volume III Cham, Cinch, Hell, Asar, Ipec, Scilla, Stram, Ver-Alb.
Volume IV Hyos, Dig, Aur, Guiac, Camph, Led, Ruta, Sars, Con, Chel, Sulph, Arg.
Volume V Euphr, Meny, Cycl, Samb, Calc, Acetica, Mur-acid, Thuja,Tarax, Phos Acid, Spig, Staph.
Volume VI Angustura, Mang, Caps, Verb, Coloc, Spog, Dros, Bism, Cic, Stannum.