Acute infections are treated effectively with homeopathy. When a patient is slow in recovering from any acute infection certain remedies, such as Sulphur, Psorinum and Carbo veg., suggest themselves, but the prescription must be selected individually….

Nosodes tend to be neglected in homoeopathic practice because of the influence of Hahnemann’s theory of chronic disease and Kent’s powerful endorsement of much of it….

It is often possible by constitutional prescribing to raise the patient’s vitality to the extent that functional disorders and diseases with reversible pathological changes may be cured…

Constitutional homoeopathic treatment consists mainly of prescribing on the psychosomatic or mental make-up of the patient and of the past history….

Sometimes there is a clear history of a complaint starting after grief, fear or other emotional upset. The lists of remedies clinically associated with such precipitating causes found in Kent’s Repertory and elsewhere may be valuable in giving confirmation to an individually chosen remedy. …

Drugs like Pethidine, Chloroform, Sulphapyredine etc can be effectively used as homeopathic drugs based on the symptom similarity….

Recent studies of Carcinosin suggest that if may be a useful remedy when one or more of a group of diseases are strongly represented in the family history-carcinoma, leukaemia, tuberculosis and diabetes….

Homeopathic remedies for ailments beginning at puberty and also after exposure to radiation….

The object of this paper is rather to draw attention to the value sometimes obtainable from the patient’s past history, and to justify the administration of unproved potentized medicines in certain specified circumstances….

There are different bases of similarity and there is no reason why different approaches to homoeopathic prescribing should not be appropriately utilized….