Discussion on the anatomy and function of the prostate. Pathological enlargement of prostate and symptomatology related to the enlarge prostate.

Understating of the pathology of the prostate. Symptoms experienced by the patient due to enlargement of prostate.

Explanation on the complications of prostate hypertrophy. Cystitis, Bladder calculus and ascending purulent infections are common in cases of prostate hypertrophy.

A though guide for the diagnosis of enlargement of prostate.

A case presentation illustrating the diagnosis of prostate enlargement.

A guide for the treatment of enlarged prostate.

Medicine with their indication for the treatment of enlarged prostate.

Dietary instruction for the patient of prostate hypertrophy.

Treatment of prostate enlargement with homeopathic medicine. HE also advocate the use of leeches in case of acute retention.

The operative treatment is, however, necessary, when the enlargement of the prostate is complicated by serious haemorrhage, by stones in the bladder or by a chronic purulent infection of the system.