The Dog’s Story

3. What is the difference between healing and curing diseases?

Diseases are their own story we are told.

They come with their own life force.

We are asked to listen and to respond not to interrupt and to fix or suppress.

We listen to the story of disease written in signs, symptoms, sensation and motion.

We listen with respect, with unconditional acceptance.

Where are we at ease? Where do we feel the separation between  ‘I’ and ‘my?’

What is the nature of the dis-ease?

What is it like?

What in the world is it like?

A barking dog?

A mad dog?

A howling wolf?

Disease is its own healing we are told.

Sheila Ryan 2009. Adapted from Vital Practice stories from the healing arts: The homeopathic and supervisory way (2004) Sea Change

ISBN 0-9547867-0-X


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Sheila Ryan

Sheila Ryan

Sheila has been in practice since 1987 after graduating from our School. She is Clinical Principal at the School and runs our annual workshops for clinical supervisors. She is Consultant Supervisor for the Society of Homeopaths"™ Registration Programme and for the School of Homeopathy. She lives and practices on the isle of Portland in Dorset where she also runs Sea Change supervisions and courses for homeopaths and therapists. She is author of Vital Practice, a contributor to Passionate Supervision (2008) JKP as well as many journal articles on homeopathy and supervision.

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