Using Carl Jung’s Definition of the Core Delusion to Understand Your Patient in the Homeopathic Practice

The female Lachesis may look for love in all the wrong places (like Platina), while taking it one step further. She does not hesitate to become a prostitute with the naïve conviction (remember the ‘feeling function’ IS primitive) that she will find love and romance in this environment. As Lachesis‘ state is worse from the cessation of flow or excretions (e.g., during menopause, which often in her mind signals the end of her femininity), her sense of having to compete with younger women can erupt into the open with the force of a volcano. If there is a younger rival, thoughts of killing that person surface and even murder is not uncommon!

Turning to the negative pathway

The negative pathway leads immediately to fears (a negative sycotic reaction), a direct consequence of the core delusion and of course one which fuels it immensely. Besides fear of being damned and believing themselves doomed to be unable to escape their fate, they have immense fear of robbers, of water, of going to sleep (since this always aggravates their condition); he fears he will die during his sleep from a heart attack; anxiety about the heart; there is seldom refreshing sleep as their sleep [is] restless with many dreams and frequent waking and dosing again). There is another component to their fear of sleep: during sleep, the unconscious escapes any control mechanism and can exact its compensatory revenge in dreams. Other Lachesis fears are of people walking behind her, of snakes, of suffocation (turtlenecks are not tolerated); fear of narrow places, elevators, swimming under water, but especially fear of an incurable disease such as cancer; fear of the cholera; cramps in calves from fear with nausea, and heavy feeling in the abdomen. In her covert, fragile state, but long before she truly ‘loses it’, Lachesis starts fearing she is becoming insane.

Lachesis is a major remedy for cardiovascular diseases (strokes and heart attacks): she often experiences constrictive pain, oppressive chest pain and palpitations with numbness in arm, improved by sitting up. It is especially during those fits of jealousy that heart symptoms and fainting will show up: After a jealous (hysterical) quarrel, she put both hands on her chest and cried out, “Oh my heart!”, then fell down and was in an asphyctic state for 24 hours; no pulse could be felt, breathing hardly perceptible. If she is not sleepless from fear of heart attack, she is sleepless after domestic calamity (relationship problems), woken up by terrible dreams.

As we proceed further into the negative cycle, jealousy becomes ubiquitous. Jealousy (combining egotism, lack of true love, and an expression of possessive love and suspicion) will affect the thinking function of the Lachesis person as her inferior ‘feeling function’ now becomes the dominant function. The superior, thinking person has become an inferior, feeling person. Where before she was witty with a great memory, now her mind is confusing and wandering; there is even great dullness of mind with bodily weakness. She is even tempted to commit suicide as secondary delusions take hold of her spirit. Everyone around her becomes suspect. Hyoscyamus has the delusion that he is going to be sold, and that a lover is hiding behind the stove. Lachesis also feels that she is going to be replaced by someone else, someone younger and more beautiful, of course. Even kind gestures appear to her as threats. Her husband wants her to give a remedy for those pulsating headaches but this leads immediately to the del, the medicine is poison (Hyosc) and he is about to be poisoned. And if her husband does not poison her, he is probably scheming of sending her off to the asylum. It is not difficult to see that Lachesis has been full circle at this point and comes back to her core delusion. We also can see that the Lachesis person is at a great risk of crossing over the danger line from neurosis (hysteria) to psychosis and schizophrenia (has two wills) whenever additional problems arise. This leaves Lachesis in a state where she cannot cope with reality any more: the normal balancing act of the conscious and unconscious lives is interrupted; dangerous, uncontrolled elements of the unconscious, unexpected manifestations from this darkness, crash into the conscious, overwhelming the ego. Schizophrenia is the result! In this real psychosis, the unconscious elements could not be assimilated by consciousness. Whoever is attacked by such fantasies and visions is either seized by an immense fear that he is going crazy or he thinks he is a genius. I have seen both in Lachesis patients. But whatever road the patient was forced on, he is at once isolated from his fellow beings, who are unable to understand him. The fact of matter is that formerly unconscious contents are rising to the level of consciousness and disrupt the hegemony of the ego. It is here that the homeopath can shine. Such patients need to feel understanding and sympathy, and certainty that they can share their crazy ideas with someone. This relieves them of the fear of falling into the dark gaping abyss.  The homeopath does not close his books when the patient says, “I am seeing ghosts or I am conversing with God.” He will say: “Describe me these visions and conversations,” as they are some of the most peculiar A153 information he might receive from his patient.


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