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The Soul of Remedies: Drosera septentrionalis

Drosera is a tubercular remedy. I am not sure if it should be classified as belonging to the plant or animal kingdom, because Drosera has not only the sensitivity and reactivity common to remedies of the plant kingdom, but also the persecuted feeling, violence and aggression of animal remedies. Drosera is a carnivorous plant – a plant behaving almost like an animal. I think it is difficult to obtain this plant without an insect trapped inside it, and this may be a part of the remedy prepared.

The main feeling of Drosera is that of being persecuted, deceived, trapped, choked and killed. The reaction is to be aggressive, violent, trying to get out, which is often not possible. The expression of Drosera is that even a small irritation can get the patients into a tremendous outburst of rage and the inner feeling is of being harassed, cheated, deceived. They are suspicious. mentions: “Fears being alone and is suspicious of friends. Imagines being deceived by spiteful, envious people”. In Phatak’s Repertory Drosera is mentioned under “Delusion, being deceived” along with Ruta.

Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura shows the following symptoms under Drosera:

Thus the theme of Drosera is that of being stabbed in the back, of being deceived by one’s own friends and yet at the same time there is a great dependence on them. There is a feeling of weakness, due to which he is dependent, but at the same time, he feels his weakness is being taken advantage of. This is a typical tubercular feeling. Drosera feels harassed by others and let down by his own friends. Drosera reacts to this “oppression” violently. In rage he becomes loud, shrieking and violent. Drosera also has a suicidal inclination.

The Drosera cough too is described as “harassing” by Phatak and is accompanied by irritation, violent paroxysms.




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