Hering’s Law of Direction of Cure – A Reliable Tool in Homeopathic Therapeutics

Then he raised his voice as he had often done when he exhorted his disciples to hold fast to the great principals of homoeopathy. “Why should I have been thus distinguished? Each of us should here attend to the duties which god has imposed upon him. Although men may distinguish a more or less yet no one has merit. God owes nothing to me, I to him all.”

With these words he took leave of the world, of his friends, and his foes. And here we take leave of you, reader, whether our friend or our opponent.

To him who believes that there may yet be truths which he does not know and which he desires to know, will be pointed out such paths as will lead him to the light he needs. If he who has sincere benevolence and wish’s to work for the benefit of all, be considered by Providence a fit instrument for the accomplishment of the divine will, he will be called upon to fulfill his mission and will be led to truth evermore.

It is the spirit of truth that tries to unite us all; but the father of lies keeps us separate and divided.

Philadelphia, April 22, 1845.”

APPENDIX 2: Reference # 9

The Chronic Diseases; Their Peculiar Nature and their Homeopathic Cure by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann; Volume I ; Translated by Prof Louis H. Tafel; B.Jain Publishers, Reprint Edition 2005.


Pg.135: The latest symptoms that have been added to a chronic disease which has been left to itself (and thus has not been aggravated by medical mismanagement) are always the first to yield in an antipsoric treatment; but the oldest ailments and those which have been most constant and unchanged, among which are the constant local ailments, are the last to give way; and this is only effected, when all the remaining disorders have disappeared and the health has been in all other respects almost totally restored. In the general maladies which come in repeated attacks, e. g. the periodic kinds of hysteria, and different kinds of epilepsy, etc., the attacks may quickly be made to cease by a suitable antipsoric; but to make this cessation reliable and lasting, the whole indwelling psora must be completely cured.


Pg: 94: In inveterate and difficult cases, however, this first course will hardly accomplish all that is desired. There usually still remain some ailments and disorders, which cannot be definitely classed as purely psoric, and others which cannot be classed as definitely syphilitic, and these require yet some additional aid. A repetition of a similar process of cure is here required; i.e., first another application of one or more of the anti-psoric remedies that have not yet been used, and which are homeopathically the most appropriate, until whatever seems still unsyphilitically morbid -i.e., psoric- may disappear, when the before mentioned dose of the mercurial remedy, but in another potency, should be given again and allowed to complete its action, until the manifest venereal symptoms (the pricking, painful ulcer of the tonsils, the round copper-colored spots that shimmer through the epidermis, the eruptive pimples which do not itch and are found chiefly in the face upon a bluish-red foundation, the painless cutaneous ulcers on the scalp and the penis, which are smooth, pale, clean, merely covered with mucus, and almost level with the healthy skin, etc., and the boring, nightly pains in the exostoses) have entirely passed away.


Pg:105: Here I may mention the curious circumstance that in general – with the exception of the recent itch-disease still attended with its unrepressed cutaneous eruption, and which is so easily cured from within [*] – every other psoric diathesis, i.e., the psora that is still latent within, as well as the psora that has developed into one of the innumerable chronic diseases springing from it, is very seldom cured by any single anti-psoric remedy, but requires the use of several of these remedies -in the worst cases the use of quite a number of them- one after the other, for its perfect cure.

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