Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done – 6



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Cyril W. Smith

Cyril W. Smith

Cyril W. Smith, physicist, is the author of countless papers on the effects of subtle energies and co-author of Electromagnetic Man. He is one of the world"™s leading experts on the biological effects of subtle energies. He was Research Fellow at Imperial College, London, researched electromagnetic effects in living systems at Salford University, was Secretary of the Dielectrics Society, worked with H. Fröhlich treating electromagnetically sensitive patients and acted as a scientific consultant for the Breakspear Medical Group Ltd.

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  • the effect of electromagnetic field on mother tinctures is wonderful as it enhances the potentisation by reducing the matter,reducing the wave length,enhancing the frequency.that means conversion of the matter into energy which results in the entry of this energy at intracellular level to treat the ill spirit to eradicate chronic diseases. WONDERS OF THE SCIENCE ALWAYS DEVELOPED WITH TIME.
    Dr.Jehanzeb Khan
    M.Sc.(Inorganic Chemistry),MD(eh),MD(am)

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